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Our Malta Move

We're a thirty-something married couple moving from Scotland to Malta in Summer 2016. Follow our story as we prepare to move, arrive in Malta and settle into our new life. We're quite opinionated and passionate about sharing information and helping others. This will be a warts and all record of our experience! We welcome questions, comments and suggestions for blog posts.

Twist of

Twist of is an unpretentious photography blog. It is about tragic, bizarre, supernatural, brilliant, moving or simply amazing encounters and discoveries. It is about the beauty of life and the irony of the world. It is about expected outcomes and overruling destiny. What if fate was a road leading to our future? And what if life was just a simulation, an illusion?

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Fritz Photography Malta

I am a german photographer based in Malta. Available for assignments in Malta and Germany. do weddings, personal photo shootings, property photography, commercial work and landscape photography.

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Continental Mama

My journey into the motherhood while living under the Maltese sun.

Off towards the sun

My blog is about what has so far been the biggest adventure of my life: my move to Malta. It's about growing up, adjusting to a new lifestyle and pursuing my dreams. So if you wanna know what expat life is like then check out my blog!

My life in Malta

My girlfriend and I just moved to Malta, and I started this blog to show family and friends how we live. Anyone is more than welcome to ask questions there, and I can help when it comes to finding jobs or apartments

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Moving To The Med

We've spent the last 50 years living in the UK, slaving away, getting snowed in and more recently flooded in. Now we want a change. To enjoy a Mediterranean lifestyle in Malta. This blog is about the trials and tribulations (from the very beginning) about how we exit the UK and start a new life and business in Malta.

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About the culinary pleasures and other great things in life

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Life is like a box of chocolates

Hi there. I'm a Japanese female.I spent 2 and a half years in the UK. I'm currently living in Malta. Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what's gonna happen. There are always lots of surprises!

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Bells Abroad

We are an Australian family of 5 who moved to Malta. Check our site for information on accommodation, car registrations, and other useful information on getting to, living and working in Malta

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Mr & Mrs Gozo

Part-time residency in Gozo

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Photocrumble Blog

My name is Maciej Rachwaniec and I'm a photographer based in sunny Malta. My main photo interests are people, travels and street photography.

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Malta Paper Scissors

Young English female in Malta. Working hard & playing hard until further notice

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Virtual Ðiary of a Dutch girl, with a French name, living the Mediterranean dream in Malta

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Photos of Malta

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expat and travel blog about my feeling and experience as a both an expat and a traveler

A City Broad Abroad

My year long adventure in the middle of the Mediterranean

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Living in Malta, Exploring the world

A blog to share our love for food, review places we dined before, life in Malta, and travel journals around the world.

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Expat of the month:From England to Salvador in the name of love

From England to Salvador in the name of love

Originally from England, Kim had never heard of El Salvador before moving there. It is her love, met online, that led her miles away from her country. Today, they have three children and a cosy family life in Latin America. Kim talks to about her adventure.