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Lavakids Iceland

Lavakids blog tells about how it is to move to Iceland and raise your kids here. How to adjust and face the pros and cons living on an extreme lava rock? The blog tells my personal experience about changing a country at adult age (30 +), giving birth and raising kids abroad, and searching your compass in career world.

Sky as a kite (Tine's Blog)

This is where I blog about my daily misadventures here in Reykjavík, where I'm currently working as a physiotherapist. I will be writing about my projects and thoughts including but not limited to bread baking, politics , hiking and general geekery. Blog posts are mainly in English, but German, Spanish and Icelandic might turn up as well.

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Gold and Green Forests (Gull og Grænir Skógar)

A Brit Abroad. Archaeologist. Tea drinker. Chocolate addict. Veggie. Rugby fan. Traveller. Book Worm. Animal-lover. PhD Researcher. Lost in Iceland.

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Unlocking Kiki

I followed my heart and ended up in Iceland. Follow along to find out what happens next.

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For 91 Days In Iceland

We are spending 91 days in Iceland. Trying to explore everything this amazing country as to offer.

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Discovering Iceland: A Year in Fire and Ice

An American adventurer, photographer, and au pair living in Iceland.

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Adventures of an American Abroad

Chronicles my life in southeastern Iceland with my Icelandic sweetheart.

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Eth & Thorn

In 2012, I was awarded a Fulbright/Icelandic Ministry of Education and Culture Grant to pursue a comprehensive study of the modern Icelandic language. I will be moving from Brooklyn, New York to Reykjavík, Iceland in August 2012 to start studying Icelandic as a Second Language at the University of Iceland. This blog is meant to document the language-learning process, as well as my experiences living in Iceland.

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This is the blog of Chris and Ethna Parker. We are using this space to keep our friends, family and interested passers-by up to date with our ‘great adventure’ in Iceland. Do drop by often and see what we are getting up to in the most beautiful country on the planet. And, do leave comments, especially if you come across any hints, tips and bargains in Iceland that you think we would like. We are total Icelandphiles, we love just about everything about the place. But of course, loving Iceland doesn’t mean it’s always an easy place to live, so here we will share our ups and downs of life in Iceland. The pain, the gain, the lot!

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my life in iceland

They say whatever floats your boat but what if I want the moon on a stick? I mostly rant about my life in Iceland I'm Monika I look Italian/Spanish but I'm Polish. I'm honest but impatient. I change my mind every now and then. I have a Spanish temper but also tend to be Icelandicly shy. I'm full of contradictions just as Reykjavik. My postcode is 101. Welcome to my world.

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My Personal Blog

A personal online journals.

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The Dog-Days Queen

An English person in her second year living in Reykjavík. Friends, work, language, mountains, fun and beer - all the fascination of my daily life in Iceland.

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Hop-Skip and Fly Away

The stories of a happy, silly American named Sammy, and the search for a place that truly feels like home.

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University of Michigan student quest to become Bjork's best friend and to continue her crusade for expanding the word R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet in Reykjavik, Iceland.

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Miriam's Well

Section-All Iceland All The Time

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Yet Another Angry Mob

Waaaaaooooo Icelanders do really amuse me....

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Iceland Chronicles was established in March 2010 as an informative blog about Iceland and all things Icelandic.

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Is it crowded in here or is it just my huge self-righteous ego?

In which the aging soon-to-be-repat expat punk tries to stop ranting and start coming up with solutions...

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Ginga Squid

I'm the cephalopod loving redhead behind Ginga Squid art jewelry. I love sourcing interesting and rare natural gemstones and fossils for my work & love colour - bring it on! I also like to use Fair Trade materials in my pieces & experiment with new things.

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January's expat blog: How to traveller

How to traveller is about the life of David, an Irish expat blogger who moved to Spain looking for new pastures. A job opportunity drove him from Malta to Costa del Sol after spending some time in Czechia and Malaysia. To those who are looking to travel or move to Spain, he speaks about his experiences and gives out some tips.