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Letters from Greece

Photographs and writings of day-to-day life in Greece

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Blog is dedicated to the Athens of the 21st century.

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An abstract perspective on a fckdup world...

Having to live is hard enough without having to fight the system and deal with the problems beyond your means. Coming to Greece begun a life changing episode of discovery whereby I had to take on more than just the day to day hardships of life. This is my story and what I have come across so far...

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It's All Greek To Me

Life as an aupair in Greece and my travels around Europe!

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The Skiathian

Life on a green island in the aegean ...

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Just for the fun of it!

Travel blog

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Corfu, life up the hill

A meander through my life as a Brit living in a traditional Corfiot hill village.

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My Fabulous Life in Greece

Mamma Mia blogs about life in a Greek village on the edge of civilization, writing, cooking and running a small hotel.

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Our Greek Odyssey

Living as a family and a vegan in Greece. First on the Aegean island of Skopelos and now on the mainland in the Pelion.

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Y'all Want Tyrokafteri with That?

I'm an Alabama girl living life as a Greek man's wife. These are my daily happenings and ramblings.

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Adriana's Symi

A bi-weekly diary of life on the Greek island of Symi.

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Symi Blog

Notes and Photos from the Greek Island of Symi (Simi).

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Living in Crete - Crete Blog

LivinginCrete - Daily ups and downs, articles and news in Crete & Greece

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Tails from Eressos

Feline life in a Greek village

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Ithaka Bound

Stories and photos from my search for the perfect Greek island.

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Living, Working, Musing & Misadventures in Greece

A practical guide to living, working & traveling in Greece, plus readers' opinions, insider tips and personal stories from An American in Athens

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Living in Crete | BritsinCrete Blog

Anecdotal observations on British and Irish expat life in Crete, Greece. The blog supports the lively forum and the main website.

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Our expat blog of the month: Bermudian Life

A new business opportunity is what made Adrian, a British expat, want to move to Bermuda. Passionate about travelling and sailing, he decided to take the leap of faith with his wife and kids. Bermudian Life is his blog where he talks about his everyday life as an expat and things to see and do in Bermuda.