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Good Day, Taipei

Living and loving as an ABC in Taipei. My blog is about...having a good day in Taipei! Food, art, design, adventures so much more. Recs, travel guides, etc! Come by and learn how to have a good day in Taipei!

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Internationally In Debt

What this blog seeks to be about is our lives here in Taipei and wherever else our lives may take us. It doesn%u2019t sound much different from other travel/expat blogs. But, there is one little wrinkle in our lives and in our plans: by the time we graduated from college we had amassed over US$140,000 in student loans. Therein lies the our name, %u201CInternationally In Debt.%u201D Through this blog we feel like maybe, just maybe, we can help to set an example. What we hope to do is show that you can always find a way to follow your dreams wherever they may take you. We will show you our lives and the decisions that paint them, and we will try to show how smart and/or dumb those decisions may be/may have been. We will tell stories, talk about places we%u2019ve been, and sometimes rant and rave. All we ask is that you come along with us on this journey while we show how we are literally living internationally while in debt, but even more indebted to living internationally.

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apples and azaleas

born and raised in the big apple, i am an actress who believes that art can change the world. follow me on my adventures through taipei, the city of azaleas.

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Expat in Taipei

What I wish I knew when I was new in town...

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Taiwan's Injustice to Expats (&Other Foreign Guests)

I've lived in Taiwan three different periods between 1992 and now, totaling more than 12 years. Although Taiwan has many wonderful and positive aspects, those of you already here or planning on coming here should be aware of some potential negatives that could impact your visit or stay.

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The Weekly Wanderer

The Weekly Wanderer is dedicated to the world’s wanderers. Like Christopher Columbus, wanderers explore the world around them: other countries or simply their hometown. See their passions and experiences come through in travel news and information, wander blogs, photos or video. It doesn’t matter if you’re vacationing, backpacking, living overseas or simply exploring your neighborhood. There is something here for you. Enjoy!

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An American in Taiwan

The musings, concerns and pictures of a life as a (future) expatriate in Taiwan. Politics, food, culture, relationships, learning Chinese and much more.

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Blog of the month:The European Dream: Chelsea in London!

The European Dream: Chelsea in London!

Chelsea has been living in London for just over a year now but she has been dreaming about this life since she was a little girl. Europe has always been Chelsea's place to be. Our American girl documents her life abroad on her blog The Portable Wife.