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Laura´s blog in Korea

I promote Korean culture from my own spanish point of view, covering different range of topics, from food to society and heritage.

Adventures By Ashley

Everything related to teaching and living in South Korea as an expat. I post about how to get a teaching job here, give tips and information on how to enjoy your life in Korea to the fullest, give restaurant reviews, and travel reviews. Check it out! :)

Hannah, International

Travel and lifestyle blog of a British girl gone global. Currently living in Seoul, South Korea.

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Korea Junkies

Korea Junkies... A place to discover all the crazy, shocking, funny and interesting stuff about Korea. From helpful tips to all the weird wonders of Korea. Eating bizarre foods, examining crazy inventions and discussing Korean culture in general. Let's explore Seoul and other bits of Korea together!

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Lili Bayou

Pictures and stories from Seoul

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Daebak Seoul

Seoul Lifestyle Blog! Not so much a blog as just a resource of good places to eat, drink, shop, and basically experience Seoul that you won't find with a basic Google search.

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Elle Crook

This blog was initially inspired by the "How to be Alone" video by Andrea Dorfman and Tanya Davis. Since I came to live in South Korea alone, and began making adventures and memories for myself in a foreign place, I want to show that I can overcome the negative connotations that the word "alone" is associated with. I started this journey to South Korea alone, but through my blog you will see how alone is okay and you will meet people along the way that will change your life. None of that would have or could have happened if I didn't make that leap alone, first. This blog is also a big platform for my photography. If you're in South Korea and are interested in taking some pictures, let me know!

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Lasting Transitions

Transitions commence new adventures. Make 'em last%u2026

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If You Like It Love It

Hello! I'm Meryl, a South African playing teacher in South Korea. This is a blog about my adventures in Korea and travel around Asia..

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Peace Love Kimchi

My Adventures in South Korea - Hello & thank you for visiting my blog! My name is Tara and I have always had an urge to travel and see the world. I am currently on an adventure with my husband, John and my two pomeranians, Milo & Luci. We are living and teaching English in Seoul, South Korea and are embracing every minute of it (culture shock and all)!

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On the Veranda

Living in South Korea

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Hedgers Abroad

Traveling through life together...

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Passionate about language and all things international, I'm moving to Bucheon, Korea in a couple of weeks to teach English. My travel blog documents my past and future adventures. Here's to doing what you love and enjoying every moment!

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Suray's World

It's a family blog based on our life in Korea. Our daily lives, our travel in Korea, even the trivial stuffs we find 'interesting' and 'unique' in Korea. Life is greater when it is shared with others.

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Margaret Tries Being...

A blog about all the things I experience living in Seoul and exploring Korea and Asia.

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Sauteed Happy Family

At Sauteed Happy Family I share the joys of living and teaching English in Korea, reminisces about living in Europe, and general shenanigans that my husband and I (and our cute cat) get into. Hope to see you there!

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A mix of travel and experiences while moving from country to country with my working husband on short term assignments. With beer. Of course.

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Kearsten in Korea

My 2nd year in Korea: Seoul. Read my blog to keep up with my latest adventures.

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Meowws Musings

A haven to preserve my memories in this new place, share my experiences and gloat my achievements.

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Blog of the month:The European Dream: Chelsea in London!

The European Dream: Chelsea in London!

Chelsea has been living in London for just over a year now but she has been dreaming about this life since she was a little girl. Europe has always been Chelsea's place to be. Our American girl documents her life abroad on her blog The Portable Wife.