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The Utterly Unexciting Adventures of Miss Shambles

The experiences of a South African living in South Korea.

Family in Faraway Places

A blog about expat family living, traveling as a family and the search for the stories about the lives of family members who once also lived abroad. We bi-racial, bi-cultural Filipino and Canadian family living and working in Korea as we raise our son.

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Laura´s blog in Korea

I promote Korean culture from my own spanish point of view, covering different range of topics, from food to society and heritage.

Adventures By Ashley

Everything related to teaching and living in South Korea as an expat. I post about how to get a teaching job here, give tips and information on how to enjoy your life in Korea to the fullest, give restaurant reviews, and travel reviews. Check it out! :)

Tia Teaches Abroad

A blog about a Jersey girl living and teaching English in South Korea. I write about daily life as an expat, my adventures, culture, and food.

Runaway Bunny (in Seoul)

Alana Gidycz is a pastry chef taking a sabbatical while her husband works for The Man in Seoul, South Korea. She believes in obsessive cultural exploration through food, reading cookbooks cover to cover and that it's never too cold for soft serve ice cream. Runaway Bunny is where she likes to turn her baking and teaching experience into #CakeLectures, have some real talk about extended traveling and living abroad, and write stories about the FEELINGS and food that keep her creating.

Hannah, International

Travel and lifestyle blog of a British girl gone global. Currently living in Seoul, South Korea.

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Journalist On The Run

Follow my adventures around the world, as I jump from one country to the next.

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Girl in the Dynamic City

A blog about a girl experiencing Busan, South Korea.

In Some Places

The chronicles, adventures, misadventures, and thoughts of a couple of little folks wandering here and there, currently hanging out in South Korea.

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Hazel Tales

Tales of my experience as an expat living in Busan, South Korea.

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The Toronto Seoulcialite

Marketing and Promotions Consultant. Social Media Strategist. Blogger. Freelance Sales, Marketing and Promotions Consultant specializing in Event Planning (Prospecting, Sales, Planning, Staffing, and Management), Social Media Strategy and Customization, Restaurant and Bar/ Lounge Consultant. Freelance Writing and Editing services available in addition to Travel, Food, Beverages (Wine, Beer, Spirits, and Cocktails), Fashion, and Beauty Blogging services and Vlogging (Video Blogging) Entertainment under The Toronto Seoulcialite brand. Facebook: The Toronto Seoulcialite Twitter: @TheSeoulcialite Instagram: TorontoSeoulcialite Tumblr: Blogspot:

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Curious about the lifestyle you can expect to enjoy in Korea? Born and raised in South Africa, pickled in London and seasoned by travel, let me tell you about sport, craft and culture in Korea.

Expat Mom in Korea

Life of an Expat Mom in Korea... and Teacher... and Wife life, of course.

Teaching Travel

Teaching Travel is a community for those who predominately want to travel or want to teach in Asia. Teaching Travel aims to provide information that is useful in aiding readers travelling experience! Information can be quite easy to find on the internet regarding travel. However the biggest probably is searching through the masses of content to find something relevant, that most importantly is useful. Teaching Travel aims to provide a platform for travelers, and people who are looking to adventure, to find useful information easily.

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The Open Road Before Me

A blog focused on adventure, budget-friendly travel throughout Asia as well as expat life in South Korea.

Finding the Seoul

A photograph-focused blog focusing on places to take photos, food, and an expat's experiences in Seoul.

Jeonju Living

Adventures and everyday life while teaching English in Korea

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When In New Places

A soul seeking blog about expat life in Korea, the highs and lows of teaching English, the spectacular views from our travels and all of those wonderful lessons I continuously learn along the way.

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Expat of the month:Expat life in the UK between the Brexit and the pandemic

Expat life in the UK between the Brexit and the pandemic

Angelica is originally from Verbania, Italy. It's been nearly ten years since she moved to the UK, hungry for independence and new experiences. She has also spent a year in Germany for her studies before going back to the UK and is currently in the process of obtaining British citizenship. She talks to us about living in London as an expat between Brexit and the Covid pandemic.