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Expatriate Life

Expatriate Life creates memes and go-to guides for expats & digital nomads in vibrant Malaysia. From living green and healthy, meeting friends and lovers, finance and personal development, we pound the pavements for you to discover the authenticity in Malaysia.

Elvira Edison | Expat Lifestyle & Travel Blog

An expat travel blog by an Indonesian blogger currently living in Malaysia that features personal adventures, travel tips and product and service reviews

Oh MY Expat Life

Tips for building a fun and fulfilling expat life in Malaysia, and incredible Southeast Asia travel adventures.

Expat Angela

Heyy, I'm Angela Carson. At 21 I left uni, jumped into my Jeep Wrangler, and drove from my native California to live an adventure in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Since then, I've explored 32 countries on 4 continents, residing in 7 of them (Kuala Lumpur is currently my home). I was even shot at once by bandits on a mountain road and I have a private pilot's license :-)

TCK mum

I am an Australian born, dual passport owning expatriate; who has lived through 6 postings over 9 years. I have three beautiful children (2 boarding in Australia) and 1 currently living with us in Malaysia. I have one extraordinary rescue dog, that has lived in almost as many countries as we have and I am married to a supportive husband who has given me the opportunity to raise our three children in 2 very different continents in this very unconventional way. In my past life I was an Adult Educator and now I am a trailing spouse. I am hoping that this blog will guide those that are starting out in this strange lifestyle and allow me to pursue my passion for writing in the comfort of my own (airport lounge) home.

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Faith Bulletin Travel

Christian viewpoint regarding about travel experience. The Christ follower's way.

My Stay in Malaysia

My blog contains all the awesome travels, events and experiences I had in Malaysia, helpful tips and recommendations that I learned during my stint and curious questions I have always wanted to ask to Malaysian people.

Your Ever Reliable Friend

Yerfecfect! A collection of notes on travel, food and lifestyle.

Lisa in Kuala Lumpur

This is the story of my second year as an expatriate after teaching English in the US public school system for 24 years. Currently, I am working for an e-learning company in Kuala Lumpur. Enjoy my travel stories about Southeast Asia including Langkawi, The Cameron Highlands, Penang, Kuala Lumpur, India, Thailand, Cambodia.


Flying Baguette chronicles the travel murmurs and ranting obsessions of Jan Sevilla, a quixotic nomadic chick and a writer by accident with some difficulty of having her subject agree to her verb.

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Expatriate life after retirement

After 33 years of a truly international life style and raising two daughters, Francien and Frank decided to withdraw from a 24/7 active working life. Frank has enjoyed a rewarding and financial lucrative expatriate working life with a global operating American Petrochemical company with numerous assignments in Europe, USA, Africa and Middle East. Frank and Francien had decided in 2015 to make the big step and embark on an early retirement life (Frank was 57 years of age). They both did not know what that new phase in their life would look like, apart from being nomadic as they wanted to continue an expatriate lifestyle beyond retirement. The purpose of this blog is to share how they find purpose and direction in the next few years, while being in full control of their own time. This blog is NOT about how to become financial independent nor about what place is the best place to retire in. This blog is about a journey to find new meaning and goals in a more mindful lifestyle, opposed to a global corporate working lifestyle driven by frenetic timelines and obligations.

Andy Goes To Asia

On my travel blog (, I take a first-hand, personal look at Southeast Asia in all it's glory. Come join the party.

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Selera Malaysia: Food and Travel Blog

Simple and easy Malaysian recipes by food blogger Ariffin Jamli. Discover more about foods, restaurants and holiday destinations in Malaysia.

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Look Mum no Hands - the unnecessary tale of an Aussie Expat

Im Australian born with Chinese heritage, and have lived in 4 cities Melbourne, London, Rotterdam and now recently Kuala Lumpur. This is a blog about the things I discover as an expat living in different corners of the world.

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Finding our way...

Sharing the antics and anecdotes of an Aussie family making their way in KL

Short Stories from Abroad. Currently in: Malaysia.

A celebration of random people and events that occur while living the expat life.

Experimental Expats

We're Rob and Diane, an American and a Canadian. After an unexpected layoff we decided on early retirement. It sounds like more fun than work. After we sell our house and stuff, Malaysia is our destination. We started the blog ahead of time to help make contacts and share our past expat destination research and transition process.

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Expat of the month:Expat life in the UK between the Brexit and the pandemic

Expat life in the UK between the Brexit and the pandemic

Angelica is originally from Verbania, Italy. It's been nearly ten years since she moved to the UK, hungry for independence and new experiences. She has also spent a year in Germany for her studies before going back to the UK and is currently in the process of obtaining British citizenship. She talks to us about living in London as an expat between Brexit and the Covid pandemic.