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Pick a peony

Hello ! I'm Anais, from the south of France. I left my native country at the age of 21 to settle in China with my Chinese husband. We now live in the fantastic megacity of Chongqing also called "the mountain city", located in the southwest of China. This blog is like my personal diary, I like to relate my discoveries about Chinese culture, traditions, food. Tell you more about how is the life in China & the student life and try as much as possible to help anybody who would like to go to China. Besides, I love to travel not only in the region of Chongqing but all around China, and I like to keep records of my journeys in this blog.

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Falling into Places

I am writing about the following topics: Cultural differences between Europe and the U.S. based on my experience living in Russia, France, Germany, and the United States. Third Culture Kids, also known as TCK, third culture individual, invisible immigrant is a term that identifies people who grew up, or spent an important part of their formative years, in a country other than where their parents are originally from. Authentic experiences of living abroad and adjusting to a new country through interviews of friends or acquaintances located worldwide sharing their journeys in hope of helping you understand the process of this change and make the best of your own experience. Knowledge is liberating, other peoples points of view can inspire new perspectives in ourselves. International Education, as many of us, would like to pursue undergraduate or graduate education and earn a degree(s) in our new home countries. Other Keywords: globalization, new cultural environments, cosmopolitanism, expatriates identity.

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Living in Bosnia and Herzegovina

We are Tamara and David. We document our life Living in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We write about our experiences and adventures, living near Banja Luka. It's a Journal of Culture, Food, Traditions and Travel. We would love for you to join us on our journey and to show you that this country and region, is rather really special.


In 2012, I decided to quit my cushy job and move continents to follow my husband, first to the rainbow nation South Africa, then to the UK, followed by France and now to Sweden! This blog is about all my adventures, my dog Mia and general musings.

Karolien - There's life after kids - Living on a rock

Prepping for life after kids. One down, one to go. :) Currently doing the expat thing in Mauritius with hubby. Blogging and taking photos to pass the time. Enjoying living life and creating memories.

Olivia Chin

Relocation is a huge complex struggle, often times a lonely journey, and I knew I needed an avenue to write down my own goals, passions and reflections. This blog was started with the intention of documenting my journey building a new life in a new place, as well as to connect with kindred spirits and my loved ones back in Singapore.

Kendra  in  KSA

Follow the adventures of an American expat working in Saudi Arabia

A Briton in Budapest

I moved to Budapest after visiting for many years as part of my job in Formula 1. Now I write about hiking the national Blue Trail, learning to make traditional Hungarian food, entering all kinds of running races and figuring out how to negotiate Hungarian bureaucracy!

Things to do in Basel

Basel Culture, Art and Gastronomy

Our French Adventure

Our blog is all about our experience in relocating to another continent. It is filled with life scenarios we experienced as a family that grew up in Cape Town, South Africa but now lives in France. Its a culmination of several amazingly crazy, sad, frustrating, and funny situations that come with relocating to a different country including our experience of the huge culture shock, differences, and similarities living here versus what we accustomed to back in Cape Town.

Once Upon a Dovy

Expat blog of a Crucian living in France, follow my journey as I adjust to a new country, a new language, and a new life.

Expatriate Life

Expatriate Life creates memes and go-to guides for expats & digital nomads in vibrant Malaysia. From living green and healthy, meeting friends and lovers, finance and personal development, we pound the pavements for you to discover the authenticity in Malaysia.


Adventures of a 20 year old something that had big dreams of studying Architecture abroad. Has a serious case of wanderlust , loves to eat , enjoys a cold drink and never takes enough pictures. Lifestyle I Travel I Experiences

Raising Hearts

Raising children as an expat in Melbourne


Ex Torontonian now turned Californian or rather, Angeleno. juliusxx.ca is my canvas to document my travels and thoughts. Oh, and its a gateway to my Youtube channel. Lets make vlogs and listen to Death from Above.

Casa Valhal - Our Portuguese dream

Our journey from the UK to Portugal, from buying to moving in, paperwork, driving, buying a car, gardening, DIY and everything you need to know before you make that big move.

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aBroad purpose

Create a life you love. Wherever you are.

Mummy said a swear word

Misadventures and misdemeanours of mum life in Bali. Join me for laughs, tears and tantrums as I navigate our new life in Bali with two under two.

The Expat Chronicle

The Expat Chronicle is an expat lifestyle blog created and written by Lauren Covino-Smith. Article topics include expat life, family travel, Barcelona tips and raising children abroad. Laurens writing style guarantees humor, sarcasm and honesty!

Mojomatt - Expat Life, Travel and Parties

Sharing stories about life as an expat in Thailand, all sorts of travels with a focus on fun experiences, cocktails, bars, clubs and festivals.

Blog of the month:The European Dream: Chelsea in London!

The European Dream: Chelsea in London!

Chelsea has been living in London for just over a year now but she has been dreaming about this life since she was a little girl. Europe has always been Chelsea's place to be. Our American girl documents her life abroad on her blog The Portable Wife.

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