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A British ex-pat mum living in Sydney and writing about my adventures in Aus, bringing up my two sons & my learning journey into the world of Digital ...

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  • Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust (3 things every family needs)

    Posts “All the world is made up of faith, trust & pixie dust ” said J.M.Barrie. Oh how I adored Peter Pan.  What could be better ...

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  • Finding Headspace in Westeros

    Did you miss me? You may not have noticed me gone but somewhere in November my words stopped flowing onto the pages and my writing ground to a halt ...

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  • Beginning the Toddler Years with LJ

    We have flown through the last year with our hands full and our lives busy and now LJ is ready to take on those toddler years showing determination ...

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  • 5 Reasons to Embrace a Sore Throat

    5 Reasons to Embrace a Sore Throat OK, so I can’t imagine anyone chooses to get ill, however after two weeks of an incredibly painful viral ...

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