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Random musings in unfamiliar surroundings. Having plunged head-first into the Wonderful World of America, a European reflects on life in the US.

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  • Ham

    For lunch today we had ham and mash, a particular favourite with my kids in spite of - or perhaps precisely because of - its culinary simplicity.As ...

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  • Sport stacking

    For about a year now, my 10-year-old has been into table tennis, or Ping-Pong, as it is colloquially called in these parts. This summer, his coach ...

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  • Open Letter

    To the Cyclist in the Sauna, Please note that a sauna is not a warmup, cool-down, stretching and newspaper-reading room. If you wish to use the ...

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  • Dryers

    Before we came to the States, we used to hang all our freshly-washed laundry out to dry on two clotheslines in our back garden. In winter, or when it ...

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