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Trips, Trials and Tales of living in Mexico since 2005

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  • World Cup Mexico - Brazil

    It was a great game even with no scoring thanks to Ochoa .... and everyone else.  My only question after hearing that Mexico should be happy ...

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  • Futbol, futbol, futbol ...

    It's here for the next month (World Cup). More or less interesting so far but not so much if you are from the US.   My neighbor dropped by ...

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  • Lots of Royal Roads

    I've had the old black and white photo below for a long time and didn't really have a story to go along with it. A Blog post on Geo Mexico ...

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  • Third Storm of the Season

    Yesterday Christina was destined to be a small Category 1 hurricane when over night it became a Category 4.  It's pretty far from land so ...

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