Invisible Istanbul

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Invisible Istanbul
Invisible Istanbul bydancarter

The invisible city through the eyes of a resident. Inspired by the city of Phyllis, from Italo Calvinho's Invisible cities: %u201CSoon the city ...

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  • #occupygezi

    It seems ironic but I just realised this blog currently has a more relevant title than ever. Whilst I set this up to take a light-hearted look at ...

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  • Inevitable riots

    I'm amazed and impressed by those standing up to the government in Turkey, right now. Marching across the bridge in defiance of public transport ...

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  • Earthquake Knowledge

    Wearing underwear in bed. Despite all the warnings, the seminars on Earthquake procedures and measures to help in the aftermath of a major ...

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  • Shady showers

    I joined the MAC gym in Kanyon shopping mall. Yes, the fancy gym, the one with the live DJ playing music to run to, a semi-basketball court, saunas ...

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