The Bacalhau Chronicles

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The Bacalhau Chronicles
The Bacalhau Chronicles byBacalhauJen

Portugal is home to the beloved bacalhau, or saltcod. Allegedly, there are 365 different recipes for the dish: one for each day of the year. This ...

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  • Bacalhau à USA

    Olá queridos!It has been a long time since we last met. So very much to tell you...Bacalhau Boy and I and our 10-month old baby boy and two ...

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  • Bacalhau à Vasca

    Warm spring weather gives me an itch to eat the beautiful green veggies showing up at the market. It is a temporary but powerful urge, driven by both ...

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  • Healthy Chicken Feijoada

    I was a confirmed carboholic for most of my pregnancy. No regrets there-- I will always have the fond memory of leveraging my son's metabolism ...

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  • Páscoa = Easter = Candy

    Easter as an expat can be a double-edged sword.On the one hand, there are new traditions and treats to try on for size. Here in Portugal, I fight ...

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