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Travels In A Post Soviet World

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  • Warsaw. Before The Mall.

    What did people do in Warsaw before shopping malls? Well, they’re still doing it . . . though in ever decreasing numbers. Bazar Rozyckiego is ...

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  • Real Women Don’t Wear Gloves #2

    I wrote earlier about the rubble women who rebuilt Berlin after WW2. Warsaw also suffered from terrible labour shortages, and women were soon pressed ...

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  • Warsaw. City of Dreams.

    Zbyszko Siemaszko, photographer, architecture lover and Warsaw lover, lucked in to the perfect job. From the 50s through the 70s, he documented the ...

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  • Across The Great Divide

    Famous, Fall of The Wall photographer, Anthony Suau, went on to document the crash of the rouble and the implosion of Soviet society. Perhaps he was ...

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