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Expatters bymeehanbeth

Short Stories and Tall Tales of the Expat Life

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  • When in Rome

    As I edge closer to the anniversary of my 3 years in Norway, I have started to reflect a little on how living here has impacted me. Without stating ...

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  • The Norwegian Inquisition

    As every expat knows, it’s never easy to go home again, no matter how much we miss mummy, daddy and the family hamster. I actually start ...

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  • Let's Talk Tanning

    I first noticed it at the gym last week. Standing in front of the mirror, peeking out from my leggings… white, ashy, pale. Yuck. Could this ...

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  • Two Years and Counting...

    Next month marks two years since I moved to Stavanger, and as with all anniversaries it necessitates a certain degree of retrospection. Fortunately ...

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