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Actually the original reason for this blog is to give reference points to friends, friends-of-friends, family and so on. Over the years I have been ...

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  • Pazin Zip Line

    I was asked where I've had the most fun here in Croatia. The question came from my 10 year old girl. I mentioned Cape Kamenjak, but it ...

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  • A Day in Šišan

    Take some time and make it over to Šišan. I would say that this is my second favorite beach to go to (Rt Kamenjak being the first). ...

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  • Rovinj

    Rovinj is just one of those one-of-a-kind places that you shouldn't miss. It is such a beautiful place on the sea. Don't get turned off at ...

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  • Cape Kamenjak and Safari Bar

    Rt Kamenjak is a very special place for us. It's hard to put it to words and although these photo's can't completely convey what ...

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