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Label Babel
Label Babel byamasc

A look at labels, signs and advertisements which don't get it quite right.

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  • Yo, Ho, Ho.

    Thank you, Times of India. You brought some extra cheer to this holiday season.

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  • Catch of the Day

    At Hypercity, a large supermarket, in Malad West, Mumbai, I found an interesting catch at the fish counter. Imagine how small the mesh on the net ...

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  • Art Decor Chandelliars

    A lovely shop in Mumbai and, if you read it out loud, the specialties sound perfectly right.

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  • Brown Paper Packages

    As online shopping has exploded so has the number of companies delivering packages to your home and workplace. None has as magnificently punning a ...

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4 years ago

Thank you for making me laugh and laugh and laugh !!I loved all your posts !!

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