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Tabinin byrkmacpherson

A writer living and teaching in Suzhou, China.

Latest posts on Tabinin

  • Going Dark

    Because transferring money out of China is a bitch and I’m not inclined to pony up for the domain and other fees for a vanity blog, Tabinin ...

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  • Happy New Year!

    My sister and I always say Merry New Year to each other. It’s just our thing. We loved it in Trading Places and it stuck. I had a ...

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  • My First Christmas in Suzhou

    I haven’t had such a great couple of days in a long time. Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year because of the lights and ...

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  • Time to Party!

    Things continue to improve here in China. Work is going well and the holiday season is in full swing. The upside is we’re going out a lot and ...

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