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Shanghailander byhumartin

The blog about Old Shanghai Published (about) weekly, documents, photos, book reviews and all I can find about Shanghai in the period before 1949

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  • Art Deco in Minhang district

    On the way to visit Qibao Old town, in Minhang district, I was not expecting to see any Art Deco architecture. This part of Shanghai used to be a ...

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  • Budapest Art Deco

    I only became interested in Art Deco in Shanghai, long after leaving Budapest where I lived for a number of years (see post “Budapest Old and ...

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  • Art Deco, the French-China Connection

    Thanks to a recent business trip, I finally had the chance to view the ” Art Deco, the French-China Connection” exhibition in Hong Kong. ...

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  • City of devils, a Shanghai Noir

    British author Paul French has lived in Shanghai for many years, and is vastly knowledgeable about Old Shanghai. Known for his in-depth research, he ...

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