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Walking Through a Life
Walking Through a Life bytil_midnight

Peace Corp Volunteer in Morocco.

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  • Pros & Cons

    Pro: The heat has finally (finally) broken. It's officially no longer hot.Con: This means that the long winter of struggling to type because my ...

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  • way more complicated than it needed to be

    I was diagnosed with asthma back in February. I blame Morocco's constant dust storms and the heat, but I blame most things on the heat. I caught ...

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  • Two Years

    Peace Corps Morocco, September ‘11 YD Staj PST (October, 2011) → COS Conference (September, 2013)Two years in country today. We made it.

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  • coming clean

    One of the side effects to the spate of break-ins this spring was that there were a lot people in my house. Obviously, that's implied in the ...

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8 years ago

Hi Cait, I enjoyed reading your blog about your experience and life in Morocco. knowing that living as a foreigner in Morocco takes a lot of courage. I have been living in Canada for about 4 years now and to be honest, I really had no idea of what was awaiting me there. except the weather ...that I knew it gets freaking cold (I had really an idealistic view about the western world I just don't know where that comes from...Hollywood..Walt Disney ...or the MEDIA or probably my mind ) Thank God I made it by myself to Canada and I realized that life is not as easy as I thought. My experience has enrich my mind from being an idealistic person to a realistic one. I found that people are all the same mean,nice, bad and good. Patience is a key to wipe prejudgements and stereotypes. My move was motivated by several reasons but it was difficult for me to convince people when they ask me this question :Why did you move here? and becomes quiet embarrassing when they ask you again that same question by the same people. All in all, traveling open up our minds there is no doubt about it. I can see that people had become less patriotic to their country and are becoming lesser now and I do understand that people want to flee their country whatever the price is.

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