Immigration from Dubai to Canada - Job prospects & Education?

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I am 27/M/Indian, based in Dubai (UAE). Completed my B.Sc in Marketing (2004). Currently employed as a Sales & Marketing Executive in the Valet Parking industry, having a total work experience of 4 years till date.

I am looking to migrate to canada and would like to know the job prospects and if possible further do any specialised course to help further my career.

Are there any universities in Canada, where i can do a part time MBA (Without GMAT)?

If not, please suggest viable options?

Appreciate your feedback and suggestions.

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Sorry to be so negative but think twice before you choose Canada.  I too moved to Canada with a great education and experience and hoped for a good life.  No-one told me that 'international education or experience' are not valued here.  My degrees were earned in Australia but it was a fight to have them recognised.  I got no credit for my work experience though.  Everywhere you go for a job, there's the perenial question, "Do you have Canadian experience?"  This question is used to lock out so many foreighn trained, experienced professionals, it's a crime. 

Google 'notcanada' and you'll see what I mean.  I've lived in the USA and Australia and would go back there in a heartbeat but I have family obligations that keep me here.

Very good idea. Dont worry about jobs in Canada. I found one best job site in net . I saw lot of openings for engineering and all type of job seekers. It is useful to me .My friend got a job in Canada with the help of this site . If you are interested just try this site.
Wish you all the best for Getting job in Canada.,


hi my husband works in dubai and want to work in canada can anyone please tell us what to do and where to file application for canada.thanks

Hi jill13! You should have a look at this article : Work in Canada.

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Hi it's mahkameh and I'm 16.
Im considering to move to Canada for my education as (A levels) But I don't knw where to start and how to find really good school.plz can you help me!!


There are many universities that do part-time MBA's. Interestingly, they sometimes cost more than a full time MBA...However, people are getting less excited about hiring MBA's because the market is a bit flooded with useless people with MBA's. It is very industry dependent. Try to do some research on salaries in your industry and whether an MBA is actually a benefit or not.

Sorry to say (as a Canadian), but Fern is totally right about international experience. Canadians can be quite insular (sadly..), and employers often don't see the benefit of international experience, unless you are working for an international company. However, as the country is so big there are many large companies which are not on the international market at all (with the exception of the USA, which doesn't count as international experience).

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I am from Bangladesh. I have 15 years technical experience. I have completed 3 years diploma in electronics engineering from Bangladeshi polytechnic institute. Then Completed A.M.I.E on electrical engineering which is equivalent to graduate engineering (professional degree). Also completed the Executive MBA on Marketing. Now i am working as an "Assistant Engineer" in Dubai Electricity. I am interested to do job in Canada. I'd like to your suggestion how can i get job in Canada? I'd appreciate your any suggestions or advice....Thanks in advance.

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