looking for accredited agency processing visa going to canada

Hi, i'm maylene looking for accredited agency processing visa going to canada. More thanks and God bless us all.

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In order to help you, we would like to have more precisions about your quest. Are you planning to go to Canada for work or only as a tourist?

In the meantime, i would advise you to read the Visas in Canada section to collect more informations.


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Actually, Citizenship and Immigrations Canada in almost all of their publications of any kind have a notice to warn and inform those thinking of immigrating to Canada that they DO NOT need the assistance of either a Visa Assitance Agency or a lawyer, but they can do the entire process themselves without any additional expenses. So having said that, you aren't required to have an agent of any kind, but if you prefer the assistance of one for whatever reason that's your decision to make.

The best way for you to start the immigration process is first inform yourself clearly as to what exactly is involved in the process and give CIC information specific to you that will help map out your path. Visit the CIC website and go through the steps. You might surprise yourself and find out it's a lot easier than you think to immigrate to Canada.

Good luck and please come back and share your experiences in a future forum posting.  Cheers,
  William James Woodward – Brazil Animator, Expat-blog Team

good day to everyone im mhalou reyes from philippines,im here in kuwait.i want to know how to process my papers going canada...thanks and godbless all....


Read the post from wjwoodward, click on the website on the post then check it out.

im looking for accredited agency agency to process my papers in canada here in kaohsiung

To get your papers accredited, use WES -
If you need to engage the help of a regulated and certified immigration consultant, try
His name is Anthony

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