Lost Visa!

I'm so careless about losing my Visa which actually expired what can I do to put things back to normal?

An expired visa isn't likely to be a problem as long as you have an up to date one.
If you don't have a valid visa, you need  to get that sorted out urgently.

Thanks Fred I appreciate your support. I can't renew it until next month will this be a problem or just pay for late fee?

I tought Visa is stamped on your passport, mine is so if you lose visa you lost passport, is that right ??

All this is not very clear to me.  First of all,  Jazz14mg, you say you have lost an expired Visa.   This is correct?   You, being an American from Utah, must have a Visa stamp in your US  passport.  Is this correct?   Then I conclude you have lost your US passport with an expired Visa.  Now, Is this correct?
Unless you were back in the US and not in the Philippines when you wrote this note, you have a problem that must be rectified immediately, NOT NEXT MONTH !!
Your first step is to visit the US Embassy and begin the process for a new passport.   When you have your new US Passport, you must attend the Philippine immigration, explain your situation, and be prepared to face lots of problems and some fines at best, if you handle this properly !
This process should have begun yesterday.!

Philippine immigration is very understanding especially if you have ties to the Philippines. They are not there to tell you off or make things hard for you and are quite understanding. The only hassle might be the process, going up and down, filling various forms, getting them signed from various departments in the immigration office and such. Just get a new passport and visit immigration at Intramuros.

Correct Sir,  I was told that when I get it renewed through the mail I would have to pay penalty fees and it should work out fine...

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