Looking for other English speaking Mums and children in Valencia

Hi. I'm Jo and have been living in Valencia for almost 5 years years now. I have 2 small children (3 1/2 year old and 16 month old) and would love to meet up with other English speaking Mums and children in Valencia. Let me know if anyone is interested

Hi Jo.

We're moving June '12 but will want to meet up then. Looks like we need to start a MeetUp expat Valencia group there if none already exists.

Alinda and Art

Hello Jo,

We are Americans, moving to Valencia in November.  Our daughter is grown and has children of her own, but would love to meet up with other English speaking people when we get there.

Thiswildride, I think a MeetUp expat Valencia group is a great idea.  I have not heard if there is one yet in Valencia; good idea!

I think a Valencia group is definitely in order. I know there used to be one but the children have now grown and are all at school and so the Mums no longer meet up. When you do come over, I would be really pleased to meet up with you

Hi Jo,

I have been in Valencia for nearly 4 months, I too have a 3.5 year old and an 8 month old. We would be really keen to meet up... my 3 year old is at school 5 days a week but does half a day on Wednesday. Just let me know when is good for you!

Hi All,

I live in the campo in Valencia and have a 4 month old baby boy, I am in desparate need of meeting other mum's as my little one has never interacted with other babies/children

Send me a message if anyone still wants to meet up

Hi. There is a group of Mums that meet up once a week in Valencia but as a lot of people are away now in the summer it's not taking place, but will start again in September. I'm off on holiday now for two weeks two but when I get back will start meeting up again with the other mums. If your interested, my email is joannelport[at], so please contact me and I'll give you the details of the next meeting.

Thanks Jo Valencia.
I have just sent you an e-mail :)

Hi everyone, i am planning to move to valencia in couple of months would like to meet other english speaking mums. Also if anyone have good advice about nice area to live with kids please help me with information. Thanks.

P.s. is nice to know i am not the only one looking for english speaking ppl :)

Hi is this page still running. I'm English mum to a 14 month old. In Valencia. Would like to meet other mums with toddlers.

hi there! i dont know if its a good suggestion but there is a kids book shop/ academy in valencia, and ive seen some english speakers mums there. they also organise english activities for kids. the place is called the learning bus. it can be an oppportunity to meet some mums.

Ok brilliant, I'll look it up. Thanks a lot :)


My name is Ria and we have just moved in Valencia about a month ago. I have a 14.12 and 5 year old kids. So would be lovely to meet other mums for coffee and chats! :D

Hi everyone, we just moved to Valencia with my 2 girls, 7 and 9 years old. We would love to meet other families with children. Please let me know if you have regular meet ups or would like to get together. We are living in Pucol area.

Hi there,
We are planning a move to Valencia from Canada with our 4 year old. I wanted to ask what life is really like there and how it is for your daughter in school. My husband will be working 6 weeks away and 6 weeks home...which will be challenging as well. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Hi, is this thread still active? I don't have any children but am pregnant with my first, due in November. I lived in Valencia last year and loved it, and my (English) boyfriend works there so we're moving back permanently in June. Would love to meet some English speaking mums to give me advice as I'm worried about becoming a first time mum in Spain. Any contact would be lovely, have been struggling to find any groups in Valencia city itself.

Thanks, Beth

Hi Beth, we just moved to Valencia area as well (20 minutes from the city) and I am expecting a baby end of June. Right now I am getting all the info on doctors and hospitals and when you get here I am sure I will have it all for you. Fell free to write tome and keep in touch. If you decide to live closer to where we are-maybe we can even do things together with kids (walks, etc). There seem to be quite a few English speaking people in our area as we are in the middle of the popular international (English) schools. I am sure you'll make friends here quickly. Good luck!

How have people found Valencia so far. Hoping to move later in the year with my nine year old daughter.

Hi ladies, i am moving to Rocafort in June and would love to meet some new friends! I know we are roughly 20mims from Valvencia but is anyone near to Rocafort? I have a 14month old little girl and we are from Scotland. My little girl is very busy and socialable so moving to a different country is a massive step for us and making new friends is top of the list :) x

Hi Beth, we are moving to Rocafort in June and i have a 14month old little girl. I'm not sure exactly how far we are from Valcenia itselfs but i am think around 20mins via tube. We woukd love to make new mummy friends x

I live in Rocafort. I,m interested to practice English. I could teach you Spanish in exchange.

Hi Everyone! Is this group discussion still going? We live in Cullera just south of Valencia city and often go up to Valencia for activities. We have a very active 19 month old who likes to socialize with our kids. If any one of you have children let us know and we can meet up!

Hi girls!! I invite you to visit our website or facebook, where you will find English activities for all ages in the city of Valencia or if you want to advertise your own activities, it is easy you only have to fill the form and is free,
I hope to see you soon there!

I am an English speaking mom in VLC from the US and have many other english speaking mom friends here. Message me if you'd like to meet up :)

Hi Veronika- I can't figure out how to PM you but have some questions about the best areas of valencia for kids - such as, where could we live, and walk to children's classes, and/or the beach, and little parks for open play?  Kids are 4, 8, 11.  Spring/summer.  Thanks- I'll try to send you a message!

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Murcia has a really big English speaking community, and some neighborhoods have also like UK supermarkets with products you don't find in general spanish stores.  In general Costa del Sol is a good place although in the months of summer the English speakers increase since many people come over to spend their summer here. I live in Alicante where thank)s to the OAMI, (an european institution where it is mandatory to speak a good level of English, there are many english speaking families.

We just moved to Valencia from America with a 7 month baby boy. Would love to meet other English speaking moms and babies.



Hi Jo, my name is Gabrielle. I'm living in Valencia almost 10 years. My husband is from here. I just joined this group because I have a very talkative 2 year old and find her exposure to English is lacking. I was looking for a playgroup for Irish/English speaking parents. I'm currently expecting baby number 2. I'm due in March. I live in aldaia. It would be great to find a group to meet up with.

Hi there

Are you still residing in Valencia? We are planning to relocate from Canada this summer, the bonus is my husband is from Spain originally however me and the two littles (age 4,12) speak limited Spanish at this point :(

Looking to make some connections before we come in preparation of the move, find out the pros and cons of living there etc!


The_antonenkos :

Hi there

Are you still residing in Valencia? We are planning to relocate from Canada this summer, the bonus is my husband is from Spain originally however me and the two littles (age 4,12) speak limited Spanish at this point :(

Looking to make some connections before we come in preparation of the move, find out the pros and cons of living there etc!


Nora, if you use Facebook, look for the group "bumps and babies Valencia" and ask to be added. My wife is on it, it's fairly active, and would be a great resource.

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