Halloween in Valencia (for kids)

Hi group!
Anyone who has moved to Valencia from a North American city knows that kids absolutely freak out over Halloween. Our three boys (6, 8 and 13) are no exception. They begin planning their costumes for next year on November 1!
It doesn't seem to be a very big deal here, and although I have seen a few organized events posted (Zombie Walk etc.), I am looking for something more authentic for our kids to do. Has anyone here in the community managed to find or organize anything more authentic? I am not expecting houses to be decorated with jack-o-lanterns (although I may find some melons to carve or something) but it would be great for the kids to be able to go trick or treating or something.
Any suggestions? I would even be open to organizing something with other people who are missing Halloween. Our family is in Benicalap.
Spooky thanks, Steve

Hi Steve,

I am Spanish, my husband is American and we live in the U.S.  However, we are moving to Valencia next summer and we definitely want to continue celebrating American holidays when we move. We would love to meet you guys and other families and maybe next year we can do something for Halloween together :)


Don't be tricked by the general lack of enthusiasm about Halloween on this forum. We were pleased to find that although it's not exactly the same as Halloween in N. America, it's pretty awesome here in Valencia!

Shops and restaurants decorate; shops sell candy, costumes and paraphernalia; kids and adults dress up; and, the celebration seems to last about a week. It doesn't hurt that Nov 1 is a bank holiday, so the kids had a 4 day weekend. Pretty well the only thing missing is the traditional door to door trick or treating. We still had a few raps on our door but usually kids call on shops and restaurants, and people on the street have candy to give out.

We give it an 8/10

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