Is ICA checking if a person entering to sg has application at MOM?

Good day everyone!
Please help me plan well... i only have till feb 19 to stay here in singapore as my application for extention of social visit pass get rejected.. now im planning to exit to cambodia as i have a relative there... planning to stay there for 10 days since i need to be out in sg for 5days bcoz of rejected extension..  i will come back here since i have a pending spass application...

Is the ica will be able to track once i enter again if i have a pending application at mom?

The immigration officer will see your complete history, incl. all previous applications and rejections, automatically on the screen after scanning your passport.
Since he will see that your visa extension was rejected, but you nevertheless try to enter the country again after a short absence, you will probably not be admitted. (And since the authorities dislike any attempt to circumvent their regulations, this might even give you a black mark in your profile.)
I recommend you stay longer (a few months), or get a visa or letter clearing the matter from ICA or any Singapore embassy before you return.

If your extension of stay already rejected by ICA then it’s better don’t enter again at least for few months. If your S pass is pending then you can wait for the outcome at your home country, no need to stay here. Avoid unnecessary issues at immigration check point, which could lead upto refuse to your entry into Singapore. Good luck

It means when i applied for my extention they knew that i have rejected application at the mom right?? After my application online get rejected i went to ICA with a family who is a PR here but we also get rejected as i am not an immediate family of the one who will sponsor my stay... now my question is... is there a posibility that the ICA can block for future spass application?

I don't see why ICA would have put a black mark on your profile yet, as you did nothing wrong. (This could change, though, if you try to re-enter Singapore after both S-Pass and SVP extension were rejected.)
In any case, S-Passes are processed by MoM, not ICA (a different government agency). They make their own decisions independently, but they usually look for reasons to reject a request, as the current political climate requires less foreigners working here.

Okay thank you... im so confused by why my bew agency is not yet to key in my application at the mom... he told me that he will key in me last thursday.. but until bow theres bo changes in my status at the mom... i aslo tried to ask them to send me a copy of their application to mom.. they just told me they will sent me last friday.. then reminded them this morning.. still dont get anything from them 😭

Since you wrote "your agency" will apply at MoM: A work pass can only be applied for by the company who wants to hire you. They can engage an agent to help them with i, bt that would be "their agent" and they have to pay all the fees associated with it (as it is not allowed to charge the job seeker).
(Be careful: There are unscrupulous illegal agencies around - but you can easily avoid them by refusing to pay for job placement and visa processing!)

Regarding your EPOnline status: It might take a week to have it updated to show the actual status. Be patient!

Okay thank you soooo much... your really a big help to anyone who has a lot of question in mind

That’s why I always encourage all expats, please read various threads in this forum because those questions you have raised, had raised and addressed earlier. Beepi is kind enough to answer all repeated questions raised by the expats without going through various threads. At present, I would say good luck and hope your new employer has already submitted the application and this time you get a positive response from MoM.

Thank you Mr Surya and Mr Beppi

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