duration of work visa processing

i would like to ask how many weeks or months is the processing of work visa ,i am currently here in the philippines and just accept a job offer as a nurse in saudi, i already signed the contract sent by employer after my phone interview, passed all the requirements needed to my assigned agency here in the philippines but after 2 weeks  no results yet,when i ask my agency they told me that my application is underprocessing for visa many weeks is the processing of visa stamping for saudi?what should i ask from the agency to make sure i really have a visa because they just said its a ready visa? can anyone answer my questions?????thank you hope i can get an answer to my question ghank u very much

If approved already let them send the visa through email so that you have a copy and check the expiry date of the visa

should i ask the agency about it???i already ask them but they just said their waiting for my visa stamp,dies it mean that my visa is already approved and the employer sends them a copy of it?im confused,,,,

Did they submit your passport for visa stamping.

according to my agency YES...but i dont know if its really a yes.does it count????

and one more thing that confused me is that they said they will send my documents in the saudi embassy for attestation?  does the attestation of my degree and other certificates processed together with the visa stamping???what i mean is does the process of attestation and visa stamping will be processed in just one GO???

No both process are different and degree attestation will help you to submit your documents in Saudi.

i see,.. i already ask my agency and they said my employer didnt pay yet the VISA so they are still waiting for the employer confirmation feedback.... thank you for answering my queries,,,,its just im very confused with everything they said for i dont know the processed being done,thank you again

which city of saudi will work

RIYADH.....Do you know how long of waiting for the work visa application in saudi?

oh my oh my!!!! i wish it wouldnt take more months.....

i change my job with confirmed visa and stay at home country about 8 months due to some minor issues of employer.

We both share the same dillema I was selected in dammam in a private hospital and the other one is a public hospital in taif after I signed the contract made all the medical had my degree attested with mofa Saudi stamp along with my prometric and still waiting for the visa ....

It usually takes 2 to 3 months to have the visa its all in a waiting game which I don't have the patience...I heard some took as long as 8 months!

When I applied they said it's visa ready half of my batch got deployed the other is on the waiting list... I already paid the visa processing ...and each I call them they said wait wait ...I don't know how long? It's a terrible stress time is very important...

as of feb 14th the agency called me saying i need to deposit money to the AGENCY account for payment of processing my RED RIBBON ATTESTATION in saudi embassy and they said it took 3 to 5 days,i ask them if i already had a VISA and they answered that i do have a visa already but FOR RATIFICATION OF THE EMPLOYER, and after the ATTESTATION  its already smoothly processed ...i dont get it really,i ask them to send me a copy of my visa but the agency told me  they cant because they can just take it through online notification, and i can only see my visa after my visa stamping. i wish it didnt take 3 months for the process ....

If you have signed the contract stamped by the poea having done with the medical and peos and pdos and also jawazat biometric it means your visa is on your name ... it needs a request letter in your name from the employers company...

Hi ,
Just a small doubt ,
Do u have any idea where the agency got your cultural attaché from !? I know what I'm asking may be irrelevant but it would be of great help if you could help me with this.
I did my master's degree from the Philippines too ! And as far as I know there is no cultural attaché office there in Manila.
Thanks in advance,

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