Hello!  Anybody know what the NCID stands for?  It is apparently a 14 digit number in the Non resident's ID Card but my husband has only 7 numbers...??

Thanks in advance!

Just enter the seven digits. I did and nobody ever came back to me with this being a problem!
I believe the identity number for a Mauritian is fourteen characters which is why they have probably given space for 14 characters.

Okay Thanks!  I can't do it online though as the system does not accept the 7 numbers...I guess it should be done in person at the MRA office?

Alternatively you have to write to the NAtional Pensions Fund and ask for your provisional ID. This has nothing to do with BOI card, passport or other documents. The Provisional ID is given for the purpose of filing your NPS and PAYE returns. It has the 14 digits you're looking for.


So here's an update for whoever need a Spouse's Unique ID even though you might have your Spouse Resident Permit already.

We went to the Immigration Office and to apply for a Spouse's Unique ID you will need:

2 passport photographs of applicant
Copy of applicant's passport
Copy of applicant's Resident's Permit
Proof of address (just in case noting that we were asked to bring this over the phone but did not request it during submission)
Copy of Spouse's ID
Letter from Spouse stating that he/she is still married and in good terms with spouse, has not renounced or taken any other nationality and does not have any objection for application of the ID.
Letter from Applicant stating that he/she is still married and in good terms with spouse and wish to apply for the ID.

Both Applicant and Spouse to submit application together and in person at Sterling House (avoid lunchtime 12h00-13h00).  Applicant will receive the 14 digits ID on the spot but will be called to collect the card when ready - usually 3-4 weeks.

The 14 digits ID is needed for E-Filing of PAYE, NPF & NSF.

Hope this helps!

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