Insurance for visa

Hi i am currently living in India. can someone please tell me of where I can get the best health insurance cover for Hungary for 1 year extendable . I require this for my family reunification visa application.


I would recommend your to go to Generali and get your insurance from there.
As far as I remember they have two package you can go there and check the best option for you.

The main customer service at this location, you can go there and for sure you can find a person who speaks English to answer your question

Have a good time in Budapest

Thank you for the reply :)

Yes, I also used Generali when I needed the papers for immigration.
Do not however count on their policy to cover anything much.
It is not too expensive and barely meets anything close to what is real health coverage. Think if I remember the policy they cover a fraction of the costs for a broke leg and other very odd injuries, nothing major or anything that is a common aliment.
Just a co. that is legal enough to get approval as "health coverage".
If you have any real issues you will need another policy or go to a private doctor. Just my experience and this was several years ago that I used their plan.

Thanks guys :)

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