Dentistry In Budapest

I am interested in some information from the horses mouth.

Here in the UK coming to Hungary for cheaper dentistry is a hotly debated topic. If you go to the moneysavingexpert forums and search for dentistry abroad you will find the pro and anti lobbyists getting quite irate.

Also widely advertised throughout the internet are some Anglo-Hungarian operations offering treatment in Budapest.

What I want to know is - do the forum members who live here in the fair city have an experience of any of the prominent names like Kreative and Dentist Abroad?

And also where would you go with your inside knowledge?

bobfromlondon :

I am interested in some information from the horses mouth.

Here in the UK coming to Hungary for cheaper dentistry is a hotly debated topic. .....

And also where would you go with your inside knowledge?

I've been using the same dentist here in Hungary for a very long time. It used to be really cheap but it's not as cheap as it was. Previously it was 30% of the price of the UK, but now it's perhaps 60%. I've had dentists are actually Hungarian dentists working in other countries of the EU and they also have surgeries back in Budapest. Not many dentists speak really good English. Some of them speak better German. I think this is not such a block on using a Hungarian dentist.

Other up and coming countries in the region are starting to get in on the act, like Albania, Bulgaria and Serbia. Personally, I'd prefer Serbia as it's easily driveable from Budapest. Albania has a reputation for not being quite up to scratch. Bulgaria is just too far.

I do find that the system in the UK is often targetting prevention rather than just fixing.  There's almost no preventative care. They usually only get involved when something has gone wrong. This applies to everything, from cars, plumbing, medicine and dentistry.

One thing to be aware of is the need to make multiple trips, not just one. It's not realistic to just to come over, have a tooth extracted, then expect implants all on the same day. There needs to be gaps (no pun intended) between each toothy visit. Implants need at least 6 months between an extraction and the implant and then at least another 6 months before the tooth can be added. If you have things like crowns, these also take about a week. That's because it takes a week to get it made and baked in an oven to harden the surface. So, crowns need you to hang about (a week in Budapest is easy to use for tourism).

The large dentist places in Hungary work Ok but there's a good chance you'll never see the same dentist each time. If you do try and see the same dentist each time, you'll find it difficult because the good ones are always busy. Needs planning ahead and of course, a dentist in Hungary is not useful if you have an emergency.

I, personally, will continue to have my dental treatment here in Hungary, but that's because I am here most of the time.

I just finished ( Horray!!)  my dental treatments at the University dental school in Budapest.
I am very pleased with the care I got there.
Better then most of my other experiences with private dentists and the local dental clinic in my district.
It took well over one year to finish the entire process though. Slow going but my resident/ dental student was very careful and did everything by the book.
She wants me to come in anytime if I find anything not right, gave me her phone no. and kept things open.
I do have a HU medical card national health card, think you need to have that or be from the EU to try to get into the school.
It is a process where you go in and the students decide if they want to take your case or not.
I had been going to a nice private dentist in the 5th district but she did not have the proper microscope to see my tooth because of the odd way I had cracked it in half.
We wanted to save the tooth so off to the school I went.
The costs overall were not much less then a private dentist would of cost but the treatment felt like I was really getting 100%of the best they could do. Had oral surgery to build up some bone mass for a post before getting a bridge made up.
I could not actually even think of a proper amount to tip my dentist for all she had done over the year so I gave her a personal gift of silver handmade items, 5 nice pieces for her down time from work.
I fully trusted the students, more then most dentists I have encountered here, they were doing it to learn and not doing it only for profit.
Just be aware it is very slow going at the school.
I have gone to around 9 different dentists or more since the year 2000 here in Hungary.
One private clinic in the 7th district was good but they have since closed down.
A women in the 13th was good but for some reason my husband didn't want to go back after we had returned to Hungary, probably because her rates went up over the years.
Not all private dentists in Hungary have the proper equipment on hand.
Found out one dentist I liked couldn't do cleaning because she lacked some of the tools.
Had to go to the dental school because most private clinics do not have the costly equipment to do the full job in one place.
Usually private dentists send you all over town for x rays or other tests since they do not have the equipment in their offices, sort of rinky dink by western standards that way.
My horror dentist stories are really only from 2 different dentists.
all the others did ok work.
4 years back I had a crown on a very back tooth on the bottom that broke. Had the crown made a few years beforehand at the other dentist I found lacking in skills.
My husband searched the internet and found a private clinic about 30 mins away by tram run by 2 young men.
Had gone there for a filling or two in the past.
The dentist told me there was no way to save my tooth since the crown broke and the tooth had a root canal in the past. He needed to just pull it out, whatever was left had to go.
( Wish I went to the school, they could of saved it)
I let him start pulling it out.
OMG.OMG!!! He did not tell us before hand that he had an accident with his arm and about half the muscle mass was gone, he was as weak as a kitten.
Pulling tugging, blood everywhere over 90 mins in his chair and he couldn't remove my stub of a tooth, he broke it in half and was too tired to finish the job. He had to call another dentist to come in and help him out.
i did not panic when I looked in the mirror while waiting for his associate to arrive.However a women in the waiting room burst into tears when she saw my bloody face.
Waiting with blood all over my lips for an hour, the other dentist showed up and another round of 30 mins of tugging, he could not get all the tooth out because the other dentist had made such a mess of the remaining tooth, he just couldn't grab anything.
They gave me a script for anti-biotics and told me to see how it went.
Took the pills for 10 days like I was told to. Thought for sure I needed them after all that exposure to the elements. Remember taking the tram home and everyone staring at me, my lips were stained in blood like a vampire.
Those pills just about killed me. Upset my stomach so much that I had to be no less then 5 feet from the WC, could not keep any food down. Lost 11 lbs. in 3 weeks time ( I am skinny as it is) and could not dare to leave the house to even seek medical aid, refused to wear a nappie to the doctors. It was really a bad situation, my skin was itchy and dried out from loss of fluid from the pills.I stayed indoors for the whole 3 weeks of being sick.
Husband, sweetie that he is, took my stool sample to a internal specialist for tests, Those pills had stripped my insides raw and I was put on a diet of apples, rice and chicken breast nothing else fo another few weeks until my system calmed down.That was one of the worst medical things ever in my life, all because that dentist was too egotistic to let on he couldn't do the job. Darn we even paid for the treatments, insult with injury!!
They left a small piece of tooth in my jawbone. The school said I could wait until it starts to hurt before oral surgery to remove what they left time then...

If you are thinking about dental treatment in Hungary, please read before the story of my daughter treatment there:

It happened in Haifa dent, one of Dental Network clinics, who holds a 5-star award of
It is only beginning of the story, it still continues. We have faced a very lazy, unprofessional patients rights protection system in Hungary. I guess it exists mostly to help bad dentists to avoid responsibility.

Regarding Whatclinic... do not trust their ratings, their reviews and their awards. They refuse to publish negative feedback, despite our numerous attempts. It is commercial advertisement cite, patients fb looks filtered in favour of clinics.

I have been to Haifa dental once for a filling.
The dentist was from Iran, a bit rough, loudish and a bit bossy.
The price was fair enough and the filling was done ok.
Never went back however because my husband didn't like her aggressive  personality.
Best of luck with your gilrs dental work.
I had some dental surgery and and bridge , etc, done at the dental school in Budapest.
Great job, just took a long time almost a year from start to finish.
I will go back to the school for any follow up work and check ups.

I have been using the same dentist for about 20 years.  He's generally been OK.  I see him perhaps once every 12-24 months depending on what is going on inside my mouth.    I am quite concerned what we will do when he retires.

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I am going to the dental school in the 8th district. Had allot of work done there last year and ATM am redoing several old crowns and fillings( NEVER EVER chew on ICE!!)
I asked in the past about people going the to the dental clinic  who only have medical coverage in the UK.
They will except them as clients but they must pay out of pocket for services. No idea how much for any special treatments."The school is great if you have the time to go there, they are a bit slow going but very good at making sure everything is done text book.
Took me well over a year to get a bridge done with all the oral surgery needed to put in a pin and wait times on healing.
Just a fraction of the cost of a private dentist and Personally I  like the school because they have all the right tools and the time to do the job the right way. Not a hire for profit business so learning is more important then making a fast buck.
Tomorrow I am getting my first of 3 crown replacements put in, very reasonable in price with the NH, only 11,500F and since I am over 62 there is no doctor fee, tipping is another issue, I think I will wait until I am done with all dental services and then give my girl a little something, something, still not sure exactly what  is a good tip without looking stupid by seriously over tipping, which is something I usually do since I have always worked for tips myself and can relate.
My girl has spent so much time on my teeth, I fear I can't really tip her enough for all she has done.
Again, fort the younger set, never add ice or chew on ice, it will crack your teeth.

I had thought seriously about having some work done at on of the more well known private dental clinics in budapest. So I did some research and discovered that if you read everything there have been a significant number of bad reviews. If only one in ten clients are unhappy with their results the risk is far too high to contemplate. Bad reviews are very easy to hide.
Because I keep a home in the uk I decided to stay with my UK NHS dentist.
All of the treatment I have had has been excellent. However implants are not available at my dentist and should I decide to have implants in the future I would go to a reputable UK private dentist because the level of insurance cover and guarantee regarding the quality of work is much higher and therefore worth paying 30%more for.

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One thing to consider is that some dental procedures take time, time to heal between treatments.
You may wind up spending more on airfare coming to and fro then just paying the prices back home.

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Still not true :) If you can send me your Uk treatment plan, I can return you our plan with the cost of staying, flight... so you can compare ;). I have been in Uk, in Leicester, London and Nottingham, so I've met the prices in Uk. plus I we did some implants in my mouth, the first-hand comparison of prices can be offered  here :D

Brankadetn :

Still not true :) If you can send me your Uk treatment plan, I can return you our plan with the cost of staying, flight... so you can compare ;). I have been in Uk, in Leicester, London and Nottingham, so I've met the prices in Uk. plus I we did some implants in my mouth, the first-hand comparison of prices can be offered  here :D

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Brankadetn :

we also have costumes from Slovenija, Italy, Germany, and off course Uk, costumes. So my address is also .it, .eu, ... :)

If you are interested to visit Croatia, feel free to contact me :)

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