Dentist in Córdoba


Anyone can recommend a dentist in Córdoba?


Clinica Ibañez at
Obispo Oro 414, Nueva Córdoba, X5000BFJ Córdoba, Argentina

Great dentist.  My sister is a dentist in the US, but I needed an implant, and even with her willing to do the work for free, the actual materials added up to close to US$2000.

Another Argentinian dentist in my extended family recommended Dr. Juan Carlos Ibañez and he took great care of me, and for half the price, including the extensive surgery for a molar implant.

Last time I was there, one of his nurses as well as the doctor, spoke excellent English and made my visit super comfortable.


Meanwhile I have been to the Garden Dental Center (Independencia 244). They are big however efficient and the doctor I got (Dr. Marioni) was nice and without even asking explained me in details everything.
I only had a short experience but good.

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