False accusation

I have been working for the last 17 years with the company I have resigned remains 2 weeks to stop working.Loss prevention has accused me of theft so as I can been terminated with out benifts.What can I do
Can stop going for the investigation and stop working immediately before their terminated or should I go to report them to police
Am totally confused

Well 1st thing 1st ... I am sorry you had to go through this in the 1st place.

2nd do you have any paper to proof they are accusing you (suspension letter) declaring they accusing you with theft, read (Article #71) in Saudi work law.

If Yes, then directly take that document to labor office to protect your own interest (ID Validity) in Saudi Arabia, cause if you stopped working/absence they will be able to terminate you without a penny, read (article #80) in Saudi work law.

3rd the police will refer you to Labor office to settle this conflict.

Hope this solve the confusion

Thanks a lot I have the suspended letter clearly accused am theft and I have valid I'd
Should I go to police first or

Take it to Minstry of Labor office and they will guide you

Hi there I went to the Labour office and there told me to go to my embassy in Riyadh

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