Cost of living 2018 in Poland

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As per our annual tradition, we invite you to share your experiences and tell us more about the average prices of products and services in your town/city/area, so that we have updated information regarding cost of living and inflation in Poland.

Thanks to your contribution, future expats in Poland will be more informed and will be able to refine their budget and better prepare for their big move.

How much does it cost to rent an apartment or a house in Poland?

How much does it cost to buy an apartment or a house in Poland?

How much do you pay on average for public transportation (bus, subway, train, tram, taxi)?

How much do you pay for basic food items such as rice, bread, and pasta?

What is your monthly budget for groceries?

How much does it cost to see a doctor/dentist/physician/specialist in Poland?

How much do you pay for health insurance per month?

How much does childcare cost on average per month?

What is your child's schooling budget per month?

How much does it cost to fill up your car’s fuel tank?

How much do you pay for electricity/gas/water etc., per month?

How much do you pay for your internet and phone subscription?

How much do you pay for your lunch pack on weekdays?

How much do you pay for an espresso coffee?

How much do you pay for a cinema ticket?

How much does a gym membership cost in Poland?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


I pay around 1,300 for a studio in Krakow and buy a monthly travel card - around 90zl. I generally spend 60 zl per week on food and spend between 45 and 70 zl if I eat out - which is not so often. I don't buy packed lunches.

Hello Priscilla, I stay in a 1 BHK huge apartment right in the city centre of Lodz Poland which is fully furnished and includes water, heater, electricity, internet everything which you need to stay in a home and this cost me 1650 PLN (366 EUR)  per month and a 2000 PLN (444 EUR) as deposit, You need to do a yearly contract generally with the owners, easiest way to get apartments in join a FB group of Foriegners in  Lodz and post your query and someone will contact you which migth even save you brokerage fees. another recommendation is check with your collegues from your workplace who stay there and definately someone might be able to provide you with some contacts, most of the companies who hire you on deployement would generally have real estate agency tie ups and would help you with it. abour medical insurance and gym most of the corporates will cover you for this, still if you need information in gym or other sport benefit, it is generally 99 PLN (25 EUR)per month for best gyms in town and this is valid in all the gyms in the city which consider sport bennefit card, for all other nice ones whcih have a tie up with most of the corporates is 30 PLN (6 EUR) per month this also includes squash and pools. For public transport  if you have to travel far for your work or need to use trams/bus often than I recommend you to buy a monthly pass which is 99 PLN and valid for all bus/tram services in the city only. there are also options for quarterly and half yearly passes which may be more of fair value if you are sure to stay that longer. Monthly grocery is quiet reasoble and if you cook almost everyday at home like me. you would need like 350 to 400 PLN (80 to 100 EUR) per month. For phones you will have various options from different telephpone service providers and I recommend PLAY or T - Mobile which is valid in all EU regions, mobile internet is valid and free of roaming in all EU countries, I personally have  T-mobile, there are plans starting from 25 PLN (6 EUR) per month with like unlimited calls in Poland and good data capacity.
Cinema ticket is like 28 PLN (6 EUR) per person and there are variety of options in movies and they do have engligh movies in the cinema most of them have subtitles in polish. Lunch packs for weekdays will be anywhere around 5 PLN to 15 PLN (1 to 3 EUR)
a normal cofee may cost you 8 PLN to 18 PLN (2 to 5 EUR) depends on where you are having it start bucks or local cofee shops. shopping is very great in Poland, its very cheap compared to other western countries of Europe. for transportationI would recommend to use public transport since it is very convienent and cheap. If you tend to be late of out of public transport timings strongly recommend Uber since this will save a lot of money compare to the other provate taxi's which charge you almost double of Uber. Thanks for reading all throught, and I hope all this information would help someone plan and encourage any oen to stay in PL. good luck!

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