Information about Work visa

Hey I'm from pakistan my friend need work visa in Malaysia how can he apply? Plz tell me how much time will take

Cannot apply self. Business owner (employer) only can apply. Unless he wants to work with on the job training / internship

Then how he can apply ?

The Internship Program
CASA is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and is partnering with prestigious 4 to 5-Star rated Hotels and world-class Food & Beverage (F & B) outlet sin the city for job placements.

Document’s Required For Visa Processing
• 1 Photocopy of Passport- All Pages

• 8 (Eight) Passport Size Photographs. (50mm Height x 35mm Wide With Only Blue Background)

• All Education Transcripts and Photocopy of Original Academic Certificates

•  Completed Application Form

We arrange for student placements (male and female) from all over the globe from places like Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Myanmar, China, etc. for the Internship Program.

Okay thank you.
He is from pakistan is there any email he send them detail? And how much money ?

Contact them OK - email on their website. Ask them all your questions.

Here is a link with information about foreign workers in Malaysia and the immigration process and some of the costs involved (but not all). Please read it.

Okay thankuh so much

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