types of business do you wish were there that aren't?

Hello all!

My name is Kimberlie and myself and my husband, Dean, will be moving to Punta Cana next summer.  We are wanting to open a business and have tossed around a few ideas, but I would like to know from current expats living in the Punta Cana, particularly the Bavaro area, what types of business do you wish were there that aren't?   I'd like to cater to the expat community as well as vacationers, since that is the area that we are looking to live.  I am also just curious what things I will miss when I get there that I used to have all the time in the states, so I can mentally prepare myself, lol.


Tia welcome to the forum. We are on the north coast so cant help with info in the PC area. However know that starting a business here is not easy and lot of legal hoops to jump through but it can be done and the right business may just work out.  You will also need your residency to do this and your residency process needs to start in the US not here.

As to things you will miss living here not much if you buy local food products and can put up with inconsistent electricity and non potable water.

Bob K

What is your experience of being in business?   The orientation class at the Wharton School Of Business, they state the definition of a business:  Business is an organism that produces a profit, if it does not produce a profit, it is Not A Business!   All businesses are basically the same.  What comes in, what goes out & what is left.  However, all the variables that make up a particular type of business is vastly different. Think long & hard about what you know before you invest in anything.  One common mistake made is believing that what worked in one place does not mean it will work in another. Even from town to town in the same area will not guarantee success.  I've been in several different types of business, consulted with people who needed help.  I have been in the islands for over 30 years & watched them come & go, plus another 30 in the states. Do your research, listen to many, read then read some more.  Ask questions & never stop asking. I wish you well in the future your planning.

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