Planning to Move to Uganda


I have spent many holidays in Uganda traveling to most of the wildlife parks in the country and love the nature and the people so much it is time to become a resident.  My general plan is to rent an apartment or a small house until I decide where I want to buy property.  I prefer a rural location, in or near a national park but not too far from the airport. 

Questions which I hope to get answered.
1. What is the best way to locate a rental in Kampala or Entebbe?
2. Find a real estate agent or an individual with knowledge of land in or near a national park.
3. Locate a skilled home builder.
4. How big is the concern for personal safety in a rural area?
5. Are property laws honored and enforced for expats?
6. If you think of a question I have overlooked, please include it in your post.

Thank you in advance.


Hello Joseph,

I am Edgar from Uganda and a Ugandan currently in India but will be coming back Next week of 15th this month. I have got land in Entebbe personally which I bought last year but all I can say land in Entebbe Central region you have got to be extra careful. Because that's where a lot of land scams take place.  I repeat you must be careful before you buy land in Kampala or Entebbe area! Make sure it has a tittle and  that land tittle must be checked properly and confirmed. Otherwise you will need a trusted local person for guidance. Make sure you don't buy fake land!

About a rental, you need to locate a broker they normally work for very little money like 50000 Ugx any one in a suburb of your interest can guide to a broker and if you critically look around as you move in suburbs you should be able to locate their small posts with their contacts. You can use those or ask the people, they will help you. You must have learnt that the people are very friendly and willing to help by now. But this must be done in the area of interest (Where you wish to stay) to avoid complications) Because there are always brokers every where you go and there are always houses.

For the land near the national park, That will depend on which place and park you are interested in. The best way is to move to the area of interest and ask. Remember villagers don't always have the urge to sell of their land certainly because even the demand for it is minimal but they can sell given a good proposal. So consider that you will have to reach there but the best way is to use the locals to spy for you otherwise they will inflate the prices if they know it's you buying. First know where you want to buy and this can be expounded up on especially if your interest is around queen Elizabeth as that is near my place of birth.

Skilled home builders are easy to get also. I a sure you that will be the easiest. I have friends who have been in that business for really long. I can connect you with one of those and they are really very good. In fact I ask you preserve this opportunity for them in good faith.

For the property laws , you must have identified Uganda as an already as an identical nation where under the current laws foreigners have got similar benefits as the locals. And to answer your question yes they are honored!

May be to tell you that you made a contradiction by saying you need land near near or in the park but also near the airport. Uganda has one airport  and that is Entebbe, and the airport is not any close to any of the national parks we have in Uganda.

Lastly you need any help regarding anything, please freely shoot me a message. I will also be travelling back home on 16th of this month in case you need any form of assistance. Otherwise thanks for the question and the choice of becoming Ugandan.


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