Multiple Entries Visa - Saudi Arabia

Hi there,

Can I go to Bahrain for exit purpose as I am holding multiple entries work visit visa in Khobar. Because I have to go to Pakistan before expiry of 30 days in saudi Arabia and I am very tired during these two days exit plan every month.

If I can go to Bahrain for exit purpose, can I go by road as I am living in Khobar and Bahrain is only couple of KM away from me.

Sorry @hassam817, I don't have an answer for that but I'm really interested to know if it's possible to exit via Bahrain. For similar situation in Malaysia, I think they no longer allow exit via Singapore anymore (Singapore, like Bahrain, is just a bridge away).

Anddd, I hope you will get a proper Iqama so that you don't have to go through this every 29 days!

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