hi,does anybody out there have a uk or european pinsentry reader that i could borrow.
desperateley looking for one to use for just half an hour or so.
i will happily pay to use it and would be most grateful.
my e mail is *** .com and i am in phnom penh.
so if anybody in the phnom penh area could help me that would be fantastic,with thanks,peter.

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It seems many banks have a smartphone app that works just as well as an actual reader.
Perhaps that could solve your problem.

Thanks for your reply,I have the apps but a pinsentry is needed for my transaction purpose.
I may have got it sorted now but not sure ,again, thanks for your help,much appreciated, regards,Peter.

thanks ,i have sorted the pinsentry but now have a new problem which i,m sure many of you will have encountered.
I need to make an international bank transfer to acleda bank but my uk bank are asking for the recepients iban code,easy enough you would think.
NO,acleda claim they dont have an iban and that the account details are sufficient but my uk bank insists on an iban or they can,t send the funds,eerrrmmmm,any suggestions warmly welcomed,regards,peter.


I have answered your query about iban on your other post.

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