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Hello all! I intend to move to Phnom Penh in January. Income wise, I will be teaching English. My primary reason for going though, is to do whatever I can to fight human trafficking, particularly sex trafficking of children. Who would be a good person for me to contact prior to my arrival?

Immigration to make sure they'll allow you to do it.
Much as that trade is vile, people make cash and cash is commonly power.

You're moving to a land America illegally carpet bombed for a long time, and that's likely to mean any attempt in messing around in whatever they consider their business is likely to get a reaction you won't like.
Whatever your opinion of those terrorist attacks, operation menu is history that will probably be remembered if you upset the wrong people.

Hm. Interesting response. But remember, I did say "to do ANYTHING I can". That could mean perhaps teaching English to children who have been rescued and are living in a mission home. Or helping to create alternative incomes for these folks. I DO understand that these people are in a situation that forces them to take drastic measures. I am not naive to their plight, so I don't exactly plan to go in guns a'blazing. All of that being said, I am aware of the risks that I may have to take. Bottom line, I am willing to take them. Fred, may I ask, where you are from? What is your profession? Have you been in PP long? I appreciate the heads up. Not really what I was expecting, but I welcome ANY kind of advice or info, so thanks

Would you advise ALL sex trade NGO operatives to end their efforts to help these children, or just me?

The real ones with the correct information, background and permissions are a great help.
An amateur without any backing and with dodgy immigration staus would probably be dangerous to themselves and do more harm than good, possibly ending up in serious trouble with the authorities or a gang.

Agreed. Which brings us back to my reasons for seeking contacts who are involved with "real" NGO's in the first place. So, I am really not sure what it is that you are assuming that I am trying to do that is so different from what others have already done and are all ready doing. Its not like I have a deathwish or anything. I very much want to find out what is already being done to help and how it is being done. Then, THAT is what I will do. Now do you understand where I am coming from?

If you want to try something positive but less dangerous, find out about the US, Brit and other western sex tourists who go to Cambodia for child sex, and speak out against them.
The people in those countries won't believe you because 'their people' could never do such things, so you'll be quietly ignored as an anti American/British/Australian/whoever nutter, but probably a safe one as no one in Cambodia will feel threatened by you.

There ya go! Now we're on the same page. I mean why WOULDN'T I go after the mostly English tourists who are creating the demand? Perhaps you had previously been operating under the assumption that I intended to come rappeling out of a helicopter like Rambo, shooting up gang compounds with an m4! Lol! But yes, I definitely recognize the consumers as a key component of the bigger problem. If there were no demand, there would be no trade. Have you considered the possibility that perhaps I have given this thing a lot more thought than you had originally thought? This isn't something that just popped in to my head yesterday. Now, judging by the fact that you have yet to offer up any leads on people or organizations for me to contact,   should I assume you know of none? Remember, that was ultimately the motive of my inquiry. So once again, any info of that nature would be greatly appreciated.

If you want to help, the most important thing to do is get to know the problem, the system, the society. Find out that most sex predators are Khmer men, followed by other Asian men. Find out that politicians, military, police, officials are the main culprits and you won't stop them. Find out that most ngo's go after westerners, to score points and get their supporters send more money, to buy a new Toyota Landcruiser, or rent an even more expensive villa. Find out that it's a mess that you and I cannot change.
Find out that some parents offer their daughters to you for money.

Be a good, reliable and supporting teacher, show your kids that they can trust you.

Those are two things that will keep you busy, try not to get frustrated, try to give little help, personal help, feel good at the end of the day, but don't think you can change the horrible situation. Education can change it, as kids can learn skills and get a job later, so their kids don't have to beg in the street. So teach them, show them the way.

Good luck!

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