Considering a move to Andalusia Region


I'm a new member who has been contemplating the idea of moving to Spain since leaving school!
I'm now 33, married with 2 children & this idea has now developed into a possible plan for my families future.

I have a BA in Primary Education & currently work in a SEN school as a support worker for children with learning disabilities.
My husband is an engineer with over 21 years experience within his field.

Although neither of us are fluent Spanish speakers, we do have some conversational Spanish & I am keen to develop my Spanish language skills.

We are looking for any advice with regards to job vacancies, property rental, schooling, etc.

My brother-in-law & his partner live in Gibraltar & we are taking another trip out to visit them in the new year with intentions to visit over the border too.

Laura 😁

Hi Laura and welcome to the forum.

Spain has 20% overall unemployment and 40% youth unemployment, so not quite the land of great opportunity and rich pickings. Learning to become fluent in Spanish is a big ask but not impossible.

Good luck.

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