Job prospects in the Dominican Republic

I'm an accountant who can retire because of my financial success,  but definitely feel I'm to young to retire. I'm moving to the Dominican Republic in a few months, but want to continue working.  Are there really any jobs in accounting for expats there? I'm definitely not looking to earn what I earn here in the United States.

Welcome Julian.  Yes there are jobs. You need residencia and a cedula and you better know spanish honey.  You will also need to understand the different rules here.

Consider volunteering to help with organizations who always need help with the accounting

Or consider approaching anerican owned companies who tend to have more complex issues.

I actually have dual citizenship.  My birth parents were Dominican. I was adopted by my American parents.  I became a US citizen while serving in the US Air Force. My Spanish isn't fluent yet. I speak more Spanglish from being raised in New Jersey and New York.
I am considering volunteering my services.  I'm also looking for virtual accounting jobs. I guess I'll try to meet American business people when i arrive on the island permanently. Heading there tomorrow for two weeks to look at houses in sosua,  puerta Plata,  and  Santiago.

Awesome. Then you have your cedula!!! I am in Santo Domingi. I will touch base with your privately.

Julian welcome.
As PLanner said yes there are jobs both with Dominican Companies and AMerican companies here but you will have to seek them out.
You mentioned working virtually and that is a real possibility and many Expats here do just that.  With the world of the internet you can really work from anywhere.
Good luck.  Where in the Sosua/Puerto Plata area are you looking.  We have been living full time in the Sosua area for over 11 years now.
Originally spent my youth in New Jersey

Bob K

How was the process for getting dual citizenship ( if it was recent). I've been fighting for over a year. My father was dominican (deceased) and It has been impossible to get anything done because I wasn't inscribed in the DR. Luckily I've been living and working without an issue. But a lot of time and money has gone into this and still nothing...

I would have to rely on a good immigration lawyer for this one

Bob K

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