Obtaining Card D directly from card A

Dear Expats,

I recently went to the commune in Mons (where I stay) to apply for unlimited stay based on my 5 years of stay in Belgium. I was asked for all my salary slips of past 5 years, 6 work permits, insurance details, passport copy and they even took the criminal record to apply for long term resident card. They told me they will be applying for card D and the maximum waiting time would be 5 months.

I have read some conflicting details online regarding the requirement to have a card B in order to obtain card D. When I called the commune about it, they assured that I could apply for card D based on my stay and the documents provided by me above and it does not matter which card I possess (A,B or C) while applying for it.  Have you had any experience or are aware of anyone who applied for card D directly?

Any help is appreciated.

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