immigration America /Canada

can i go /apply for immigration to  America /Canada as i am an expatriate here (in saudi arabia ).
if so then what thing i should follow or all the process step by step??

Am looking for the same..Am an Indian, currently staying in KSA and looking to migrate to Canada.
Highly appreciate, if anyone can guide.

Practically speaking, all you need to do is go to the Canadian government immigration site, read the process and just follow the steps on your own.

The other option is to get a consultant and pay more for someone else to take you through the steps.  There are hundreds of those around and one is as good as the next.  Do a search on google or ask around for word of mouth recommendations.

how can I apply for canada's work permit visa

How about find the company wanted to hire you and they will issue the visa.

Get work permit from government without ensure where to work to sounds magical to me.

Am looking for the same..
It will provide a secure job instead of searching after migration.

Unless you have very unique skills, no company will hire you from outside for US or Canada. They already have lots of people inside the country looking for jobs. If you meet their criteria of skills, they will allow you to migrate and look for a job but that's it.

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