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So I have a concern about my last day at my current company. My visa stated as in Passport until 6th November and my contract on my company will be until 6th October. Today 14th September current company HR asked me to prepare a letter saying that I won't continue with the company. But the HR said that they need 1 month to process the Visa Cancellation and Tax Clearance. But I only had 3 weeks. Then the HR give 2 options :
- Stay until 14th October because they need to process for 1 month or/
- Pay a charges so I may leave on 6th October.

Do I have really to pay some charges which I'm not sure what charges will it be? Is there any other options so I can leave the company on 6th October without staying until 14th October?

Thank You

You can't stay until 14 October, because your work permit expires on 6th....... Whose mistake is it?  Either way, if the company thought you wanted to continue, then they should have started the renewal 2-3 months ago and discussed with you.  So remind them you can't legally work for them after 6th October and it would be illegal for you to work until 14th.

You can see the charges here: … n-charges/

Does it really have to be done like 1 month before? Because my new company want to process my visa after I leave on 6th October, EP transfer. Because of this case we both confuse.

There is no such thing as an EP transfer

It is a new Stage 1 application by the new employer. They can start it now. Perhaps your current company can give you a No Objection Letter? This confirms your contract is not being extended. But Stage 1 will take about one month anyway..........

Assume you are Category I or II so there is no need to a "cooling off period"

Old = Old Company
New = New Company

from old my category is I and new will be category II. The HR from old said :

" but if you want to avoid paying for the penalty. you can mention in your letter that you will provide the company until 14th october to process your visa cancellation and tax clearance. "

So it's like I have to provide the company while they processing the visa & tax clearance. it feels a bit off.

You shouldl concentrate of getting the right documentation to your new employer so they can start the Stage 1 apolication process. What penalty???????? Its the end of a contract. Ring ESD or email them to ask. But do get the new company act and I think they will require the NOC

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