Damage from Hurricane in Vega Alta and Dorado

I am in Columbus Ohio but cannot fly to Pureto Rico until September 19th. I purchased a Condo May 2017 and had planned to move within a year to PR . Looking to see if widespread damage in Dorado and Vega Alta.

Don't know if this will help much but, I live in Vega Baja not too far away from Dorado and we take 165 home every day which is the coast road, the only damage we've seen are trees down,  lots of them, everywhere. Not much structural damage.

Thanks for the information. I am praying that Maria does not turn into hurricane as models are predicting. I will have to delay my arrival on the 19th. I have spoken to people about items needed for relief. Thanks again


It’s like déjà vu all over again.

I would recommend you delay your trip by 2 weeks. The storm will be hitting the island based on currend trajectory between Wednesday and Thursday and likely you will be without water or electricity for at least a week maybe more. Landing may be rough and delays are likely since on the 19 the storm will be closed and may affect air travel some.

Damages will not likely affect your structure but power and water will not be there for a while and roads will be un pasable until crews clean up. This storm is likely to do a lot more damges than Irma since this one will make landfall.

Regina ohio :

Thanks for the information. I am praying that Maria does not turn into hurricane as models are predicting.

It will become a (strong) hurricane, no doubt about that.
[EDIT] Maria is a hurricane as of 5PM 9-17

Our (as in PR) only hope is that the forecast track is shifting a little bit to the west with every advisory. 20, 30 miles from the eye or the eye straight over your head is lot of difference.

Does anyone know what the damage and conditions are in Vega Alta Puerto Rico? I need to find a friends family members. Gonzales is the last name. If anyone has info please contact me thank you.


If you are a facebook member there is a group you can follow:  Loved Ones in Puerto Rico - Check In

There is a good bit of information on there.  You can also post the name and location of your family in case they or someone who know them checks in.

Hope this helps!


Are you for sure that there is not a lot of damage in durado Puerto Rico, we have not found my daughter and two grandchildren yet, three days now. Every time I try to find info on this place nothing come up.

Thank you it does help.

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