Churches with English Speaking Service

Does anyone know of churches that have English speaking services.  We live in Fajardo, but willing to drive back into San Juan if have to but would like something closer.  We've tried streaming from our old Church, but it's just not the same.  #Facebook Community "What's Happening in Puerto Rico"

Calvery chapel-guaynabo :)

There is a Calvary church in Carolina, are they affiliated?

Not sure... This is where we go

We attended. The Palmas Community Church in Palmas, Humacao, IN. It is a totally English contemporary interdenominational church with great people!

Thanks for the Palmas Church info.  I had located this church on Facebook and it shows they are no longer having service.   I hope this is incorrect information.  We will head out and try to find it.

I found the correct contact information for The Palmas Community Church in Palmas, Humacao.  Thanks again.

Hi...I am not sure if you are looking for any specific church, but there are a few Kingdom Halls of Jehovah's Witnesses.  Here is the information just in case.

Fajardo English Congregation
55 Calle 23, Urb Veve Calzada, Fajardo PR  00738-3823
Meetings: Wednesday, 6:30 and Sunday, 1:30 (public talk)
GPS Coordinates:  18.33123 -65.65813

You can search for other halls on the island via the link below. … f6e7d5a353
How meetings are conducted: … gdom-hall/

I hope this helps.

Hello, we too live in Fajardo and I saw a church going towards Luquillo on the right that advertised cought my eye cause my husband and I have been thinking about finding a church...hope this helps

We contacted the one in humacao today so el check it out Sunday. But we will be on the lookout for the one going to Luquillo.  Is it closer to Fajardo or to Luquillo? Thanks.

I went to Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, Cal. until I moved to the east coast. God used Chuck Smith to begin Calvary Chapel in 1965. Chuck went home to be with the  Lord in 2013.  Everywhere I go I look for a Calvary Chapel. I have found it very difficult to find another church that teaches or should I say, allows the Holy Spirit to teach. As Chuck would say," Sometimes I work on a sermon from Friday night until Sunday morning and lo and behold the Holy Spirit teaches something entirely different, I have to by my own tapes to hear what I said".
Calvary Chapel and Calvary Church are not the same. I still listen to the teaching of the Word by the Holy Spirit through Chuck on the internet, "The Word for Today, TWFT series C2000". If you are interested in the teaching of God's word I would suggest Calvary Chapel. I'm not saying there are not other churches and other pastors that prefer the Holy Spirit to run the church, I'm only saying I have had difficulty finding them. If you listen to "Pastor Chuck Smith- Through the Bible C2000 series" you will be blessed.

   I just arrived to start a business.  I see that these English speaking church posts are a year old, so do some of you ex-pats have it down pat? I don't even know exactly how to post on here or who I'm posting to or who and when somebody will read this but I need Christian fellowship! Help!

There is an English speaking Seventh Day Adventist Church in San Juan. Here is the link. They meet on Saturdays. Also, I think there was a family who found a church in the Humacao area. Definitely read through the feed. … tyID=24215

Parroquia San Augustin in Puerta de Tierra 10 am Mass on Sunday in English

Union church in puntas la Maria

Episcopal Cathedral. In San Turce

LUTHERAN l'alto in San Turce on del Parque I think.

All in English All in the metro area.

Palmas Community Church in Humacao is where we worshipped. Amazing Pastor and members.

Palmas Community Church in Humacao is where we worshipped. Amazing Pastor and members.

In Palmas del Mar the Catholic Church has an English mass at 9AM.  There is a christian community church which is bilingual here and the service is at 10AM.  The church services in Spanish are more lively and and better music.  Christmas in Puerto Rico is amazing!  Starts early December and goes through two weeks after Three Kings.

Since you are in the Fajardo Area, you may want to go to Humacao, to the Palmas Community Church for now. Fajardo itself should have English service but we don't have anybody to check it out. Fajardo has many expats so some of the churches there must have English service, you may be surprised if you stop by and ask at the church before or after the Spanish Mass.

By the way you may want to introduce yourself to the members, I noticed that you just joined the forum and this was your first post. If we can be of help, let us know.

We lived in Fajardo and never found an English service, thats why we drive to Humacao. Palmas Community Church starts at 10:15.  You can find then on Facebook.

Fajardo English meets at 3pm Sunday's now:)
Also 7:30pm Tuesdays

Kingdom Hall
55 Calle 23
Urb Veve Calzada
Fajardo, pr 00738

GPS Coordinates: 18.331230 -65.658130

There are 2 entrances...English meets at the entrance that faces the field

We meet here:)

Hi I also live in Fajardo and attend the catholic church in the plaza.its English mass Sundays at 9 am

Thank you, very good to know

Second Union Church in Guayanabo

Hi Egret,
Check out Calvary Chapel of Puerto Rico on the internet.

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