Looking for winter getaway or lo g term move

I would like to get informed on various "retirement destinations". Share experiences and perhaps find travel partners, share homes etc.

Chiang Mai is one place you could look at. From about October to February there are many international travelers visiting or vacationing there, to get away from a cold climate, like Russia or Finland or such. I believe that there is a standing population of around 30 k living primarily in the down town area. The city has a population of over i million people and is the IT capital of the country and to some degree that part of the world. Language is not a barrier since so many people speak varying degrees of English. Crime exists but is not a major problem, tourist dollars are very important to Thailand. Chiang Mai could be good for a first timer to Thailand. Much more could be said. Instead I will step aside for others to provide their favorite recommendations.

One point about Chiang Mai and that is the smoky season. This is when the farmers burn their fields, preparing for the next years crop. It starts in February and stops around April. During this time the air is very bad and unhealthy. It is advisable not to be in the city during that time.

Have at it, boys.

In Chiang Mai and vicinity, there are many ideal places for people in retirement, luxurious and expensive, basic and inexpensive, e.g. Vivo Bene Village, and Baan Sammi Nature Resort and Bamboo Garden, both in Doi Saket, not far from the city of Chiang Mai and with better air. Do a Goggle search!

Its better to travel first a few times in Thailand and look for yourself where you like to stay.
The north or south or middle!!
I live in the province Chonburi...
My Place Bang Sare are between Pattaya and Sattahip to the mountainside and 5 min. from the beach.
Every place in Thailand have mountains and temple and speciale things.
But,,its have to do for yourself,
Off you need: hospitals or div. restaurants or expats.
Or you like to live with the locall,s and the nature.
Transport, and not to far from everything!!
Or look on Google,there are many information to.
Hope you can use what from my advice!
Greetings and good luck with find-out.

Thank you.
Good advices I would love to visit different places and see where I belong. As I would be travelling alone safety is a concern, but I'm sure there are ways to travel safe-er..

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