New Minimum Salaries for Employment Passes (Category I, II, and III)

Effective 1st September 2017 the following minimum salaries have been announced:

Category I - RM10,000 per month with contract length up to 5 years
Category II - RM5,000-9,999 per month with contract length up to 2 years
Category III - RM3,000-4,999 per month with contract length 12 months*

* Two renewals and no dependents. … 7-107.html

If with RM 10,000 and length of contract is 1 year. Which visa will be get?

Category I would be applicable. But there is also the Professional Visit Pass which is only for 1 year. The PVP however means the employee remains on a contract of employment in another country and is not paid a salary in Malaysia, hence no income tax liability in Malaysia.

Sorry but finally it is will be EP categoty I or PVP for 1 year ? Thanks @Gravitas

Depends what you have negotiated. Also where salary will be paid (just updated my previous post to make this clearer).

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