Personal Income Tax Allowance in Thailand

Does anyone know if I am entitled to personal income tax allowance for spouse even though she is not living in Thailand? I'm currently working in Thailand and my wife is back in Malaysia.


If Thailand tax do allow, then guess it's the only country in the world to offer tax deduction based on your case. I'm sure many foreigners will jump on the band wagon.

Perhaps not only claim tax deductible for spouse only but kids and parents too.

As your personal tax is deducted every month by your employer, why don't you ask them?

Besides before you decide to work here, all perks, taxs, housing, home airfares etc should be discuss and agreed before signing the employment contract. It's a norm for most foreigners before they start work.

Hi Lye,

In answering your question, a wife deduction is allowed, subject to certain conditions, such as either you of your wife must be a Thai tax resident.

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