Who brought the bad Ju-Ju

Ok which one of you newbies brought the bad Ju-Ju :)  .  It seems like now after nearly 50 years the north coast is going to get hit by a good size hurricane.  Right now it seems that it will pass 70 miles of the coast with heavy winds and surf (up to 10ft or more waves for Thursday).
Time to batten down the hatches and for those you there.  Fill your cars with gas, store extra water and food, tank up the generator, get batteries for your flashlights, make sure you have a week or more of medicines.
All stay warm, dry and safe.

Bob K

I brought it, I'm so sorry!  Can I make up for it by throwing a Hurricane party??

Works for me :D
Bob K

Perhaps i did too but i be flying in on Tue so i will suffer with you all 😳

It might be a hell of a party!  :joking:

In all seriousness I hope everyone on the north and east coasts are preparing for this storm.  Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. 

Looks like she will pass north of the coast BUT you can expect high winds,  lots and lots of rain and there will be flooding and landslides. Do not take this lightly.

Expect the electricity to be turned off  in anticipation to help prevent other damage.

I'm all set, I guess. I have everything I was told I would need, except company for the next few days :(  Whishing everyone good luck.

Thanks, you too!!

Good luck to all you all.  IN one way I am sorry that I am not there.  Stay safe

Bob K

OH, OH!!   185 sustained wnds & it ain't even here yet!  It is 600 mies wide, so 300 miles out from the center will be affected. For 100 miles out extreme can be expected.  I lived through Hurricane Hugo, A cat five with gusts to 225mph.  Don't kid your self, this is no pussy cat.  We wll be lucky to regain power in weeks not days.  If the eye is within 100 miles, prepare for the aftermath of hundreds of hungry, homeless people looking for food & shelter. Then there are the looters, beware, they will be coming.  If we luck out & we just don't take the full brunt of Irma, we still will have to cope with it all.,  I made an error, miscounted, this will be my 9th. hurricane in my life.  I could do without it, so could you all.  When the wind stops, the true hell begins. good luck & survive this,  A Gypsy blessing for all of you.

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